About Bed Guru

Who We Are

We are Bed Guru a leading online bed brand specialising in a whole lot more than selling beds.

Much deeper than just getting a bit of shuteye, we’ve learnt that sleep is one of the most important aspects of our lives. Not only is it a vital component in the everyday functioning of our bodies, a rubbish night’s sleep can cause chemical imbalances of the brain resulting in a day to day attitude leaving much to be desired.

Because no two people have the same sleeping requirements, Bed Guru will listen, educate and advise you on a huge choice of beds, mattresses and headboards.

It is our mission to learn about the best way to achieve a perfect night’s sleep, which is why we won’t rest until you do.

Our History

They do say that the older you get, the wiser you become. Let’s say, that today you were to start a small business. You’re armed only with the passion and desire to sell the right product, to the right people. In the beginning you experiment with all the wonderful different varieties and combinations available to you, taking careful note of those that are working well for your customers, and importantly those that aren’t working so well.

Now, imagine that business after 40 years of trading, you know and understand even the finest of intricacies about your products and your customers certainly don’t hesitate to place every bit of faith in your ability to deliver.

The knowledge and expertise that you have built up over the years allows you to pay a level of care and attention that is second to none. Add to the mix the belief that every individual person deserves a great night’s sleep and you have arrived at Bed Guru.

It was the early 1900s which saw the first family business establish the early foundations for what was to become Bed Guru philosophy. Right up until the 1970s, the Walsh family sold newspapers from a corner shop in Leeds, becoming a permanent fixture of the local indoor market, enjoyed and treasured by people far and wide.

Embodying the very same spirit of loyalty and reliability, the first divan centre opened up in the same area of Leeds where it all began. Three generations and many a peaceful night’s sleep later, the doors of the shop finally closed.

However, as the great inventor Alexander Graham Bell once said “where one door closes, another opens” and soon Bed Guru was born. 

You see, sleep is one of the most important aspects of our lives, and its requirements are as unique as they are varied. Much like the obligation to bring the latest newspapers to the readers; we feel an obligation to offer the exact same service, and deliver the perfect night’s sleep that everyone deserves.