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Are Single Sided Mattresses Better?

Are Single Sided Mattresses Better? Read more from one of the UK's largest online bed retailers, Shop online with Bed Guru the sleep specialists.

11th October, 2018
by Carl Walsh

We don’t normally think too much about our mattress, except when things get a bit lumpy. Conventional mattresses have sufficed for decades, but as technology and materials have moved on, so have mattress designs.

Traditionally, mattresses have two upholstered sides, which allows you to ‘flip’ your mattress and sleep on either side. This means your mattress lasts longer and doesn’t end up ‘memorising’ your body shape and becoming uncomfortable, as you’re spreading the weight out evenly. This lengthens the lifespan of the mattress, as well as ensuring you get a peaceful night’s sleep.

Single-sided mattresses, on the other hand, are only upholstered on one side (hence the name) and feature an anti-slip surface on the other. Many manufacturers are revisiting the idea of single-sided mattresses, and while this may appear like a step backwards at first glance, there are benefits to buying a single-sided mattress over a more common double-sided variant.

Because they cannot be flipped (which has been a big selling point with consumers in the past), manufacturers have had to think more carefully about the construction of single-sided mattresses. The result is that overall, the quality of a single-sided mattress is better, and they are designed to be more durable, longer lasting, and more comfortable for longer. To achieve this, they usually use much higher-density foam bases, topped by layers of materials such as memory foam and a surface layer that provides a greater level of cushioning.

Rotate your mattress every three months

Single-sided mattresses are robust enough to last the recommended eight years (at Bed Guru we agree with other retailers and manufacturers in saying that you should replace your mattress every eight years to ensure a good night’s sleep). Simply rotating it every three months should be sufficient to allow the foam to return to its original form. It’s physically much easier to rotate a mattress rather than flip one, so if you have a back problem or are infirm, a single-sided mattress can help you avoid any discomfort or potential injury.


Is it time to ditch the double-sided mattress?

Not yet. There’s plenty of room in the marketplace for both types of mattress – it’s all down to personal choice. One interesting development in double-sided mattresses is the ‘seasonal options’: for example, one side may have a memory foam upper that retains more warmth during the colder winter months, while the opposite side may have a pocket system to allow air to flow more freely for a cooler sleeping surface during the summer.
Some people still prefer the traditional coil spring style of mattress, which you won’t find with single-sided mattresses, which are predominantly high-density foam constructs. So there’s still a place for double-sided mattresses.

While both types of mattress offer excellent value for money, there are substantial price variations depending on what kind of material you go for, and how many layers your mattress has. A king-size double-sided mattress can be considerably more expensive than the single-sided version. However, don’t think that by buying a single-sided mattress is a false economy and you’ll end up buying twice – because of the new materials used by manufacturers, they are just as robust as a double-sided version. As we said earlier, it’s always best to replace any mattress after a maximum of eight years anyway.

An allergy warning

One of the modern materials that is extensively used in single-sided mattresses is latex. Organic latex mattresses are particularly popular as they offer what is known as motion separation, where the movement of one person isn’t transferred through the mattress to disturb the sleep of your partner (particularly useful if you sleep with a ‘thrasher’!). However, as good as latex is as a material for mattresses, it does trigger an allergic reaction in some people. So if you know you have an intolerance to latex, check with your retailer before you buy.

Time to get comfy at Bed Guru

At Bed Guru, we offer a huge range of both single-sided and double-sided mattresses. From pocket springs to memory foam ‘Mattress in a Box’ versions, we can offer you the very best in modern mattresses, and at great prices, too.

If you’re not sure what type of mattress to go for, then our advice is to visit a bed showroom and give each one a try until you find a type you like. Then come and visit us online and see if you can get what you’re looking for at a better price.

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