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Are Storage Beds A Good Idea?

Find out whether the super convenient storage beds are actually good idea for your bedroom. Read more on the Bed Guru website.

15th March, 2018
by Carl Walsh

If you’re not a fan of clutter or you’re living in a small apartment, a storage bed is the ideal space-saving solution. Storage beds are also a great option for guest rooms, allowing you to store spare bedding and blankets under the bed until family or friends come to stay.

There are several things you’ll need to consider to find the best storage bed for your bedroom or guest room, from the type of storage bed to size, material and even the type of mattress. There are a few drawbacks to storage beds too, so if you’re wondering whether this type of bed is a good idea, keep reading.

Ottoman bed

Which type of storage bed is best?

A storage bed is ideal for small bedrooms or spaces, as you generally won’t need a chest of drawers or bedside cabinets if you invest in this type of bed. There are two main types of storage beds:

  • Divan beds with drawers

  • Ottoman divan beds

The type of bed you choose will depend on your budget, the size of your room and what you are planning to store under the bed.

Ottoman divans keep clutter out of sight

Ottoman divans are a contemporary and popular choice. The mattress lifts using a gas-lift hydraulic system, making it easy to open, providing plenty of storage underneath. Ottoman beds are best for storing seasonal items or other large items such as bedding, pillows, and blankets, that you won’t need to access too often. But what about if you want to store clothing, shoes or the kids’ toys?

Ottoman bed description

Divan drawers get the job done

Divan beds are the perfect choice if you want to clear away your clutter and store items you’ll need access to on a regular basis, such as toys, clothing or shoes. You’ll find divan beds come with different drawer layouts to suit your needs and available space, so it’s important to consider your room layout when choosing the best bed. Divan beds generally have from one to four drawers, so you could have two drawers either side of your bed, a drawer at the end and one on each side, or just one jumbo drawer if you’re storing larger items and only have access to space on one side of your bed.

Bed design

Size really does matter

When it comes to size, divan storage bed and ottoman divan beds come in a range of sizes, from small single beds to king-size beds. The size you choose will depend on your available space and who the bed will be for. Small singles are ideal for kids’ bedrooms, while a regular single bed with a storage drawer is the perfect way to keep your guest room ready for visitors at all times. For your master bedroom, a double or king-size ottoman is a comfortable option that allows you to store bedding and large items away out of sight.

Are storage beds the best choice?

If you’re setting up your guest room, bear in mind that storage beds may not always be the best choice. If the kids watch TV or play games in your guest room all year round, a sofa bed and chest of drawers may be a more practical choice. For a kid’s room that doubles up as an occasional guest room, bunk beds with a desk or storage underneath are often more practical than a divan or ottoman storage bed.

Ultimately everyone is different, so what suits one person might not be right for another. If you’re considering purchasing a storage bed, it’s important to think about the size and type of bed you’d like, as well as the type of mattress you find most comfortable, as storage beds can be harder to sleep on than some other beds.

Why not take a look at our range of storage beds today? If you need any advice finding the perfect bed, just get in touch!

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