Divan Bases

Our standard Divan bed bases are formed of two upholstered wooden bed frames, securely fastened together with a metal bar. If your staircase or door frames are narrow, your divan base can be built in more sections. All divan beds can be fitted with storage drawers. Opt for a firm top or sprung top divan base, depending on your mattress. These are base only divans, order a mattress and headboard.

What are Divan Beds?

Divan Beds are super lightweight and easily carried up staircases, no matter how steep or narrow. Bed Guru divan beds are built with quality sourced timber to Guild of Master Craftsmen standards. They're genuinely the most versatile and popular beds you can sleep on. For good reason.

What style of Divan Beds are there?

Our divan bases come in a wide range of decors-matching colourways and fabrics to suit your style. There’s a full variety of colours available from darker shades like chenille aubergine and chenille brown to lighter colours like chenille light grey and chenille cream. Head over to our colour guide to take a look at our fabric swatch samples. We’re more than happy to send out samples to you FREE of charge, just contact us today.

What size Divan bases are available?

We have a full range of Divan Bases in a variety of different sizes. The smallest start from 75cm in width and 190cm length, to the larger measuring at 180cm in width and 200cm in length.

What comes with a Divan Bed?

Some divan bed bases come complete with drawers, or ottoman storage. Storage options range from jumbo drawers which open to the left or right to ottoman beds that lift to the side. 2+2 drawers are also available which allows you storage on both sides of the beds, ideal for couples. They are also perfect for smaller spaces if there is limited storage available. We also supply custom divan bed bases to your specific requirements. If you need the perfect mattress or headboard to complete the look we’ve got those sorted as well.

What Bed Types are there?

Divan Bases come in three different types. They come as either a children’s bed, divan or narrow bed base. Narrow bed based come on legs to allow for storage underneath. Divan bases often come with draws and storage options underneath. Kids beds often also come as divan bases and often come with draws for additional storage.

What mattress options are available?

There are a number of mattresses available that suit Divan Beds. They range in terms of firmness, with each mattress given a firmness rating. The lower the number the firmer it is. They range from the likes of memory foam mattresses which mould to the shape of your body, to orthopaedic mattresses which distribute your weight to relieve the pressure placed on your back while you sleep. There are sizes to fit all our Divan Beds.