Wide Single Beds 3'6

Measuring 107cm by 190cm, wide single bed frames are the same length as a standard UK 3ft single bed, but they’re 17cm wider – giving couples, or indeed anyone, a roomier sleep. Shop our collection for wide firm top premium divan bed bases with or without under-bed storage. Our wide single pine wooden bed frames that feel like double beds. Order a new wide single mattress today.

What does a UK wide single size bed measure?

A UK Wide Single Bed measures 107cm by 190cm. They are slightly larger than a UK Single Size Bed but smaller than the UK Small Double Size Bed.

What styles of UK Wide Single Size Bed do you sell?

We sell a variety of UK Wide Single Size Beds, with styles such as Pine Beds, Divan Base and Adjustable Divan Base. We also have a full range of UK Wide Single Size mattresses to fit your desired bed frame. We also deliver worldwide.