Bespoke Beds and Mattresses

At Bed Guru our belief is that everybody deserves a great night’s sleep. If you have a space in need of a bed or mattress, we can fill it.

We’re no strangers to an unusual request. In fact, we welcome a good challenge! We’ve even gone as far as pioneering our own bed designs to tackle the more unique and remarkable spaces.

Awkward Spaces

A double divan bed is typically made in one or two pieces, yet in our time we’ve made singles in two pieces, doubles in three and our personal favourite the appropriately named KitKat design constructed from four pieces!

There really is no space too awkward for a bespoke Bed Guru bed.

All Shapes and Sizes

Many antique bed frames originate from countries like France, meaning they come in all shapes and sizes and may require a bespoke mattress. We cater to everything from boats to barges and are no strangers to delivering through a tight hatch! We even offer handmade bespoke couples mattresses with two different firmness levels to cater for you and your partners’ unique sleeping requirements. You can take the free questionnaire here!


No Strangers to a Challenge

Need a bespoke bed base for a low attic ceiling? No problem. To fit under a window frame? Easy. Do you have your own design preference in mind? Let’s hear it! You’d be surprised to learn how many house extensions are completed without consideration for getting beds into the space.

Over the years we’ve seen all manner of interesting spaces in houses old and new. We’ve navigated our bespoke beds and mattresses up spiral staircases, through attics, lofts, cellars, cottage doors and even into castle turrets