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What Are The Best Ottoman Bed Colours?

What Are The Best Ottoman Bed Colours? Read more from one of the UK's largest online bed retailers, Shop online with Bed Guru the sleep specialists.

28th August, 2018
by Carl Walsh

Ottoman beds blend practicality with comfort, making them the perfect solution if you’re looking for a stylish and comfortable place to sleep that also provides you with plenty of additional storage space. And that’s not all; Ottoman beds are available in a wide range of colours and styles too, ensuring that whatever décor you have you’ll find an Ottoman to match. At Bed Guru we carry an extensive number of Ottoman beds designed to suit all tastes and requirements. Here are a few guidelines from our experts to get you started on the best ottoman colours.

The right colours for your bedroom

If you’re looking for a contemporary design and colour for your city apartment then the Ottoman Divan Base with side opening is a great choice, thanks to its sleek modern look. It also comes in a wide number of colour options and materials, so you can match it to the rest of your bedroom or use the bed as the centrepiece and style the rest of the room around it. You can choose from faux leather in brown, black, cream and white or classy Chenille in eight different colours, as well as several other stylish fabrics.

However, if you’re a lover of natural wood and are planning on designing your bedroom around this most durable, and classic, of materials then the Langbar Ottoman bed frame in American Oak is a great choice, thanks to its Quaker styling. It also has a practical split hinged base, which is also extremely comfortable due to the sprung slats that provide plenty of natural bounce.

Bright bedroom

Why choose an Ottoman?

The Ottoman bed continues to be hugely popular, and for good reason. Originally designed in the 17th Century, they remain a great choice for a variety of modern homes, whether you’re looking to save space or de-clutter your bedroom. The tried-and-tested design allows easy access to a huge amount of storage so you no longer have to rely solely on bulky wardrobes and chest of drawers to store your clothes and bedding. Investing in an Ottoman allows you to create a bedroom that’s both stylish and minimal, helping to make it a more relaxing environment.

But unlike a bed frame with pull-out drawers, which can be awkward to get to, the Ottoman’s revolutionary design means the whole top of the bed, including the mattress, lifts up, revealing the storage space below. Ottoman bed frames come in three designs – side opening, end opening or half opening – but whichever you choose you’ll be enjoying the many benefits of under-bed storage.

 So which design is best for me?

Choosing the right Ottoman depends on your requirements. All of the designs are equally easy to use, thanks to the gas-lift hydraulics allowing the mattress to be lifted with ease. So here’s a quick guide to the benefits of each design:

  • Side opening – this design allows you to position the bed against a wall and still access all that storage space – just what you need if your room is narrow.
  • End opening – lifting up from the foot end this allows you to use a bedside table and still get to your under-the-bed storage with ease
  • Half opening – this is the ideal option for sloping ceilings, such as a loft or attic room, or for those who don’t need a huge amount of storage.

How much space do I need for an Ottoman?

The beauty of the Ottoman bed frame is that it comes in many sizes, almost guaranteeing that you’ll be able to match an Ottoman with your requirements. Like most bed frames Ottoman’s range from a UK Single, which is 190cm long and 90cm wide, all the way up to a EU King, which measures 200cm in length and is 160cm wide.

So once you’ve decided on the right size bed, all you need to do is choose your design and colour. Why not start by looking at our latest range of Ottoman beds?

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