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Buying a Custom Size Mattress for Antique Bed Frames

Dreaming of an antique or vintage style bed like something from Downton Abbey? You're not alone. Antique beds have seen a boom in popularity in recent years.

3rd February, 2021

Victorian and Edwardian, Art Deco and post-war bed frames make for stunning bedroom centerpieces. There’s no denying it. These unique beds can transform a bedroom and may last a lifetime.

But opting for a unique style comes with its own set of challenges. Like buying a mattress that fits and ensuring your antique bed can support it – and you, for years to come.

That’s where we come in to make it happen.

Why is it so important to get a custom size mattress?

There are a few main reasons to buy a custom size mattress for your antique bed:

Standard sizes might not fit

Antique beds come in many different shapes and sizes – not the standard single, double, and king size you might be used to.

Cut-out corners and protruding bolts are common in old bed frames. This means finding a suitable mattress can be quite a challenge.

Your bed frame might be longer or wider than a standard size bed, so it can be a struggle to find one that’s a snug fit.

Antique beds often need extra support

Metal antique bed frames typically have exposed spring bases which aren’t designed to support a modern pocket sprung mattress. And some wooden bed frames have no supporting slats at all!

In these cases, we can provide a special type of custom bed base for antique bed frames in any size - to raise your mattress and provide the comfort and support that you need.

Special beds deserve a special mattress

Many made to measure mattresses are simply cut to shape from pieces of foam. While these are fine for boats and caravans, they may not provide the breathability, support, and luxurious comfort that your special bed deserves.

All of our mattresses are available in custom sizes, so you have the choice of some of the finest handmade pocket sprung mattresses, natural fillings, and modern sleep advancements for your new old bed.

custom sized bed for antique bed frame

What types of mattress can I get for my antique bed?

Just because the bed is old school and antique, it doesn’t mean your mattress needs to be. There are seven types to choose from which we believe covers all bases. The most popular being our Pocket Sprung Mattress range.

An icon of the mattress world, the Pocket Sprung Mattress is the more luxurious counterpart to the cheaper 'open spring' mattress.

Loved for their tried, tested, and now perfected design, they’re ideal for antique bed frames.

Allergy sufferers might opt for a mattress from our Hybrid Mattress range. Combining a pocket sprung core layered with advanced cooling materials like Flotex and Revo® foam for the best of both worlds.

They are deep, breathable, and luxurious in every sense of the word - ideal for those looking for that 5-star hotel experience in the home.

Whichever you choose, all our mattresses are handmade to order in all standard UK, EU, and custom sizes. And arrive ready to sleep on.

custom sized mattress for antique bed frame

Custom bed bases for antique beds

Our Firm Top Bed Base and Box Sprung Bed Base have been designed to correctly support new mattresses on antique beds.

Just like our mattresses, they’re made to order and tailored to your bed’s specifications no matter its age or size. We can create chamfered (cut out) corners where required and recommend the ideal depth to lift your mattress and complement the design of your bed.

Each one is handmade using renewable Scandinavian pine and upholstered in your choice of neutral fabrics to match your mattress and retain your bed’s unique characteristics.

custom sized bed bases for antique beds

How to measure your antique bed

Here’s how to measure a typical antique iron bed frame. We understand that most antiques are unique, so if you’re unsure how to measure yours, get in touch and we’ll be able to help you.

Measure the width

Measure your bed from the outside edge of one side rail straight across to the outside edge of the opposite rail.

Measure the length

Place your tape measure on the inside of the headboard post. Measure all the way along the top of the side rail to the inside of the footboard post.

Take a picture

Send us a picture or short video of your bed frame and we’ll help you decide what you need over the phone.

Extras and nice to knows

  • Hassle-free delivery

We'll put your new bed or mattress in your bedroom and take away the packaging for free.

  • Old mattress + bed base removal 

We can whisk away your old bed and/or mattress when you replace them with us. Just select the option at checkout.

  • Custom size bedding

Find Egyptian cotton fitted sheets, duck feather & down mattress toppers, duvets, mattress protectors, and more – all available in custom sizes.

custom sized measurement for antique bed

What now?

Visit our custom sizes page to learn more, or get in touch if you think a custom size mattress or supporting antique bed base is just what you need. We’re always more than happy to talk beds and help you find your dream mattress.

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