Colour Guide

Explore fabrics and colours to suit every taste and style. From classic Chenille and luxurious velvet to cruelty-free faux suede and leather. Creating your dream bedroom starts here.

Collection 1

  • Chenille Aubergine
    Chenille Aubergine
  • Chenille Black
    Chenille Black
  • Chenille Brown
    Chenille Brown
  • Chenille Cream
    Chenille Cream
  • Chenille Grey
    Chenille Grey
  • Chenille Mink
    Chenille Mink
  • Chenille Silver
    Chenille Silver
  • Chenille Teal
    Chenille Teal
  • Faux Leather Black
    Faux Leather Black
  • Faux Leather Brown
    Faux Leather Brown
  • Faux Leather Cream
    Faux Leather Cream
  • Faux Leather White
    Faux Leather White
  • Faux Suede Barley
    Faux Suede Barley
  • Faux Suede Black
    Faux Suede Black
  • Faux Suede Brown
    Faux Suede Brown
  • Faux Suede Grey
    Faux Suede Grey
  • Glitz Black
    Glitz Black
  • Glitz Mink
    Glitz Mink
  • Glitz Purple
    Glitz Purple
  • Glitz Stone
    Glitz Stone
  • Naples Beige
    Naples Beige
  • Naples Black
    Naples Black
  • Naples Blue
    Naples Blue
  • Naples Cream
    Naples Cream
  • Naples Green
    Naples Green
  • Naples Lilac
    Naples Lilac
  • Naples Orange
    Naples Orange
  • Naples Pink
    Naples Pink
  • Naples Purple
    Naples Purple
  • Naples Seal Grey
    Naples Seal Grey
  • Naples Slate
    Naples Slate

Collection 2

  • Cocktail Charcoal
    Cocktail Charcoal
  • Cocktail Straw
    Cocktail Straw
  • Cocktail Walnut
    Cocktail Walnut
  • Fusion Bark
    Fusion Bark
  • Fusion Check Coffee
    Fusion Check Coffee
  • Fusion Check Silver
    Fusion Check Silver
  • Fusion Check Teal
    Fusion Check Teal
  • Fusion Coffee
    Fusion Coffee
  • Fusion Granite
    Fusion Granite
  • Fusion Lime
    Fusion Lime
  • Fusion Lipstick
    Fusion Lipstick
  • Fusion Silver
    Fusion Silver
  • Fusion Stonewash
    Fusion Stonewash
  • Fusion Teal
    Fusion Teal
  • Verona Champagne
    Verona Champagne
  • Verona Citrus
    Verona Citrus
  • Verona Coffee
    Verona Coffee
  • Verona Graphite
    Verona Graphite
  • Verona Ice
    Verona Ice
  • Verona Steel Blue
    Verona Steel Blue
  • Verona Terracotta
    Verona Terracotta
  • Wool Chestnut
    Wool Chestnut
  • Wool Clay
    Wool Clay
  • Wool Jade
    Wool Jade
  • Wool Latte
    Wool Latte
  • Wool Pewter
    Wool Pewter

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