Bespoke Couples Mattresses

Getting a good night’s sleep can be frustrating at times, even more so if there’s two of you. If you and your partner have different builds, it could be preventing you from getting the sleep you both deserve.

A bespoke mattress with sides that work independently depending on your unique sleeping requirements. Seamlessly joined together, the only difference you’ll notice will be your quality of sleep.

Take your first step towards undisturbed sleep.

If you don’t know what a couple’s mattress is, it’s time that you did. A bespoke mattress with sides that work independently of each other. Seamlessly joined together, a split mattress makes use of two different levels of firmness, allowing you to enjoy undisturbed sleep. So why do I need a new mattress? You ask. Sharing a bed with your partner can be hard work, especially if you are different builds. Uneven weight distribution can lead to a sagging mattress, usually resulting in rolling together during the night.

If you have an old mattress or sharing a bed with your partner just isn’t working, a couple’s mattress could be right for you. Bed Guru couples mattresses are bespoke to you and your partners sleeping requirements, putting an end to those sleepless nights. Simply use the questionnaire to tell us a little bit more about you and we’ll match you with your bespoke handmade mattress.

Couples Mattresses