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The top reasons to invest in a day bed

With more and more people realising their versatility, day beds are becoming increasingly popular. They are becoming the go-to piece of furniture to have in the home, and we are not surprised!

9th June, 2021
by Carl Walsh

Day beds are great for multipurpose use, as they can function as more than just a bed, but a seating space too.

There are so many benefits to investing in a day bed, with one of the top reasons being that day beds can give a house guest space, without having to devote a whole room to their sleeping arrangement.

Below we have listed a few more benefits of a day bed:

Easy to style

Day beds are a great way to add a statement piece of furniture to an office room, a spare room or even in your lounge area! Day beds don’t take up that much room, but even though they are small, you can still make it stand out by adding stylish linens and pillows. The great thing about day beds is that they can blend into any space without looking like a bed until the person using it is ready to go to sleep for the night.


Day beds are very versatile as they can blend into any space and adapt according to your specific needs. You could even use the day bed as a sofa in your lounge, so when people come over there is extra seating. As well as this, some day beds are known as ‘trundle beds’, and this type of bed comes with an extra bed underneath, and it pulls out like a drawer would. These beds are particularly popular in children’s bedrooms as it makes sleepover much easier, as you don’t have to blow up an air mattress or get the sleeping bags out!

Always comfortable

Inflatable mattresses and futons have the advantage of being portable, however, this doesn’t mean you should compromise a good night’s sleep. Air mattresses can easily leak throughout the night, and you might find that you wake up in the morning laying on the hard floor. So, choosing a real mattress alongside a day bed will make your sleep a comfortable one. If you use your day bed frequently for seating, or you have guest over regularly, you might find that a firmer mattress will last a lot longer, as it will be able to stand the constant use.

Our favourite day beds:

Pine Trundle Guest Bed

This Bed Guru day bed is a highly manoeuvrable under bed guest bed. An under-bed day bed makes it easy to pull out or store away under other beds, which makes it great to have for child sleepovers. However, even though this bed is made to fit underneath another, with stylish linens and lavish pillows, there is no reason why this couldn’t be used as another piece of seating in an office or living room area.

pine trundle guest bed `

Marseilles Metal Guest Bed

This metal day bed is a very stylish addition to any home. It’s design matches that of the classical French Louis style, with spherical finials and fleur-de-lis features at an affordable price. The design is completed with a sprung slatted base and a full-size pull-out trundle bed which lifts to the same height as the above bed, perfect for if you have a couple staying over.

marseilles metal guest bed

Sleepover Essential Guest Bed

This is the ideal day bed for when the kids have friends over. The sleepover essential is a practical choice offering various colour options to suit your décor. Even though this bed can be easily stored away, and would make a great main bed for child, it could still be used as a day bed and placed in other rooms such as an office or living area.

sleepover essential guest bed

Soccer Metal Guest Bed

This soccer inspired day bed is the ideal bed for children and sports lovers. This bed has a high headboard with matching foot end, completed with 3 football features on each. It has a sprung slatted base and under bed clearance of 26cm complete with a pull-out trundle lifting t the same height as the main bed frame.

soccer guest bed

Custom size day beds

If you need a day bed to fit into a uniquely sized space, then Bed Guru can create bespoke bed frames and mattresses to suit you. Whether you need your day bed to be wider or narrow, or higher or lower than any standard UK bed, then Bed Guru can create it for you.

Naturally, we get asked a lot about made to order beds and mattresses, so we have made this post highlighting the most common reasons people choose a custom size bed or mattress.

From football to French Louis, Bed Guru has a day bed suited to everyone and any home. To enquire about custom sizes, you can tell us about your project here.

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