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The Best Extra Long Beds For Your Bedroom

Extra tall people need extra tall beds and sometimes these can be hard to come by.

27th August, 2020
by Carl Walsh

This leads to them either, having to buy a double bed and fitting it into a small space or dealing with a particularly uncomfortable night’s sleep with their legs dangling off the end of the bed.

How to tell if you need an extra-long bed:

  • Your feet are hanging off the end of the bed. 
  • You toss and turn all night and feel squished. 
  • You wake up with bad neck and back pain. 
  • You have regular sleepless nights, and it impacts your mood. 
  • You sleep in one position all night, with the fear that if you move you will lose how comfortable you are. 
  • You and your partner are cupped up next to each other all night, even if you don't want to be!
  • You cant stretch your legs out full, and always have to be in the fetal sleep position.

So what solutions are available? At Bed Guru, we have a range of custom size beds that can be made into extra-long beds so you no longer have to suffer at night. You can also get your hands on a custom-size mattress to go alongside your new bespoke bed. Here’s our list of some of the best extra long beds.

Studio Pine Bed Frame

The Studio Pine Bed Frame is a simplistic yet stylish bed frame that’s versatile and ideal for a smaller bedroom. This bed can be made in a custom size, with a length of up to 200cm or 6”6. Due to this beds versatility, it fits nicely under low ceilings, in lofts, basement conversions as well as other awkward spaces.

You can choose from a variety of colours including raw unfinished wood, natural lacquer, antique pine stain, white, or grey. This allows the Studio Pine to fit naturally into any style of bedroom décor. A centre rail is included for additional strength on 4ft or larger sizes. There are no centre legs for even more storage space.

Studio Pine Bed Frame

Shaker High Foot Pine Bed Frame

The Shaker High Foot Pine Bed Frame is a well crafted and quality bed frame which is subtle, yet stylish. It can be made in custom sizes up to 200cm or 6”6.

This bed has a British Shaker-inspired design and is handcrafted using high-quality Swedish slow-growing sustainable FSC timber. It also comes fitted with an open slatted headboard and matching foot end. The mattress sits at 33cm above the floor which gives you additional space for storage off loose items and small boxes. There are no centre legs which gives you even more space for storage, or even a trundle bed.

Shaker High Foot Pine Bed Frame

Fortis Premium Side Opening Ottoman Divan Base

The Fortis Premium Side Opening Ottoman Divan Base is one of our strongest bed bases with a fantastic range of colour choices to match all bedroom decors. This bed can be built up to 200cm or 6”6 in length.

The Fortis is one of our best storage beds due to the useful side opening ottoman storage space underneath the mattress. You simply lift the frame up and you can store loose items, small boxes and any spare duvets in pillows without compromising any of the precious space in your bedroom. If you have a unique space or you are taller than 6”6 then we are happy to quote for 3 or 4 sections made longer or taller to fit your room.  You then pick your favourite fabric and your preferred storage option.

Fortis Premium Side Opening Ottoman Divan Base

Zip & Link Firm Top Divan Base

The Zip & Link Firm Top Divan Base is a great value bed frame then can be zipped together as a super king size bed or separated into two single beds in a guest bedroom. This bed can be built up to 200cm (6”6) in length if you have any particular tall guests staying over.

This is a cost effective bed frame crafted by our team from sustainable timber with central support bars and slats. This provides a firm feel under any of our Connect zip & link mattresses. It comes complete with gliders for better air circulation and manoeuvrability. If you have any awkward spaces such as low ceilings or loft rooms, we can lower the bed frame to ensure that it fits nicely.

Zip and Link Top Divan Base

Zeus Upholstered Bed

The Zeus Upholstered bed is one of our most stylish and contemporary bed frames. It’s a luxury upholstered bed that combines class with longevity. This bed comes in lengths up to 200cm (6”6) so is ideal for the extra tall amongst us.

The Zeus compliments modern living and is tailored with smooth vertical upholstered panels that suit any décor. It can be made in any fabric of your choice to add a real personal touch to your bedroom. It blends with any modern style of bedroom and fits nicely on either a carpeted or wooden floor. The strong pine slatted base is great for any mattress and is durable. This adds to the overall comfort of the Zeus.

Zeus Upholstered Bed

Custom sized long beds 

Although the beds above give tall people some extra legroom, they still might not be long enough! So, if that's you, don't compromise by squishing into a bed that's too small for you, this can cause long-term health issues and can cause bad sleeping habits.  

Bed Guru can create bespoke divan bases, bed frames and mattresses in any size. Whether it be longer, higher or lower than any Standard UK or EU size. 

At Bed Guru, we can provide you with your ideal bed solution. If you can’t find the size you’re looking f or, we can make any of these beds longer so you can get the comfiest night’s sleep possible. You can check out our custom sizes page, here you can find everything you need to know about our range of custom sizes. You can also give us a call on 0113 243 3616 and speak to one of our team to see how we can help.

We also have a full range of custom size beds if you can’t find what you’re looking for in this blog.

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