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Finding Your Other Half

You'll meet 80,000 people in your life time, including the other pea in your pod. But will they love your mattress too?

22nd February, 2016
by Carl Walsh

In 2019 it’s never appeared so easy to find “the one”. You could be finding your honey on bumble, swiping right for your perfect match on tinder or taking a slide into the DM’s of your Insta crush. All these are done with a few taps on a keyboard or a slide on the screen. But how likely is it that they are the one? With so many people using these apps and fewer people finding their partners in person it can be difficult to sift through all the matches to find the perfect one. We’ve decided to do some rough calculations on how likely they could be to be the one for you.

This is only a rough guide and not to put you off finding your true love because as we’ve shown you, they’re out there. When you find the one and it’s time to settle down and take the next step into living together. The normal routine is to scrap one mattress and keep the other. However, this may impact the partner of which has to get rid of their beloved mattress for them. Instead, why not recycle both mattresses and register for a new mattress? You could buy a mattress designed specifically for both of you to sleep in bliss.

A couple’s mattress is the perfect solution. These mattresses are designed around your needs, with sides made specifically for each partner. We look at your height, weight and sleeping pattern so we can adjust the spring suspension to give you the most comfortable night’s sleep. Without annoying your partner 

Head over to the Bed Guru Couples Mattress page and take our short questionaire to build your very own bespoke mattress and you can both enjoy the perfect night's sleep! 

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