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Foam Or Pocket Sprung Mattresses?

At Bed Guru we’re experts in giving you a great night’s sleep, so why not take a look at our choice of both memory foam and pocket sprung mattresses and find yours!

3rd October, 2018
by Carl Walsh

What is a memory foam mattress?

With their unique ability to remember your sleeping position and respond to your body’s heat, memory foam mattresses are a modern alternative to their traditional spring packed counterparts. Memory foam was actually developed to counteract the pressure faced by astronauts when exiting and entering the earth’s atmosphere. You might say that these mattresses will deliver a sleeping experience that’s out of this world!

What is a pocket sprung mattress?

Pocket sprung mattresses are often favoured for their top-notch shock absorption and impressive levels of comfort, thanks to a design that places the springs individually into fabricated pockets. Delivering greater pressure point relief than their interlocked spring cousins, these mattresses tackle frequent problem areas such as the lower spine.

Why it might be worth sticking with springs.

The pocket sprung mattress is a family favourite in many bedrooms and there’s plenty of reasons for its continued success.

Support - Offering even weight distribution to sleepers, these mattresses afford plenty of postural support and pay extra attention to the lower lumbar region.

Undisturbed Sleep - With pocket sprung mattresses, the springs are independently placed as opposed to being interwoven, this means that when you toss and turn, only the springs contacting your body will be responding to your movement. This isolated disruption means that if your partner is a recurring roller, your sleep won’t have to suffer. The springs won’t do anything about recurring snorers though, so it’s probably best to stick to a gentle shove or two.

Cleanliness - Thanks to their breathable structures, pocket sprung mattresses are known for delivering a cool night’s sleep and tend to keep themselves naturally clean and fresh.

Merits of memory foam.

The popularity of memory foam mattresses has skyrocketed in recent years, so what’s all the fuss about?

Support - Praised for their supportive structure, these mattresses sculpt around their sleeper’s frame to increase natural spinal alignment. By minimising resistance to their user’s weight, these mattresses offer pressure point relief and can help deliver a solid night’s sleep to those suffering from backache.

Hygiene - Thanks to a dense cellular structure, the memory foam itself is not considered a great hangout spot by dust mites and naturally resists the build-up of common bedroom allergens such as dust, pet hair and mould. So, if you’re a sneezy sleeper, investing in a foam mattress may well save you a fortune in tissues!

Flexibility - A particular selling point of memory foam is its flexibility. Many homes feature adjustable bed frames as a space saving option, and memory foam is perfectly designed to bend and compact with these while retaining their original structure once folded back out.

Cost and delivery comparison

When it comes to fuss-free delivery, memory foam wins hands down. Vacuum packed to save space, these mattresses are easy to transport and can be squeezed through the smallest of door frames before being unpacked and unrolled on to your bed frame. Singles in both pocket sprung and memory foam start at a reasonably similar price point, although a spring-loaded king-size will cost you substantially more than a king size standard memory foam.

So which is best?

It all depends upon what sort of sleeper you are. If a firm bounce-filled surface is your top priority, then opting for pocket sprung might be your best bet, as nothing quite matches their robust and weight-resistant structure. If you suffer from a cold night’s sleep then going with memory foam mattress is a great idea as their temperature-sensitive surfaces instinctively respond to your body heat to keep you warm.

Both varieties of mattress have received plenty of praise for their spinal support but go a different way about delivering it. It all comes down to personal taste. Rest assured though, that both pocket sprung and memory foam mattresses are more than capable of elevating your night’s sleep to a whole new level of comfort.

Still confused? At Bed Guru we’re experts in giving you a great night’s sleep, so why not take a look at our choice of both memory foam and pocket sprung mattresses and find your perfect fit!

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