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Fool-proof Ways to Force Yourself out of Bed This Winter

Struggling to rise and shine this winter? Here's the inspiration you need to shrug off your covers on time without hitting the snooze button...

11th January, 2017
by Carl Walsh

Struggling to rise and shine this winter? It’s time you tried something new…

Unless you’re a bear, hibernating though these freezing cold and pitch black winter mornings isn’t an option. But here you’ll find all the inspiration you need to shrug off your covers on time without hitting the snooze button. From drinking plenty to bribing yourself, you’ll soon be leaping out of bed this winter.

1. Time your heating right

Make your radiators come on before your alarm, so the cold air isn’t a shock to your system when you shuffle out of bed. Check if you can adjust your central heating with a mobile phone app too, so you can make your bedroom warmer from the comfort of your bed.

2. Make your alarm clock super calming

Choose a calming tune or tune into a classical radio station that will help you wake up gradually, not startle you awake. And if you happen to wake up before it goes off, get up and on with it, because you’ll feel drowsier if you go back to sleep. Work with your natural sleep cycles, not against them.

3. Or better yet, swap it for a sunshine alarm clock

Sunrise alarm clocks mimic sunrise by gradually lightening your bedroom up to 30 minutes before your alarm goes. This stimulates the hormones that help you wake up, so you’ll feel less groggy on winter mornings. Plus, you can say goodbye to the temporary blindness that hits you when you switch a light on in a pitch black room.

4. Breakfast like a King

No more skipping the meal that kick starts your metabolism and gets your body ready for the day. Tuck into a hearty bowl of oatmeal porridge – it’s slow burning, keeping you running all morning without crashing. Food restores your glucose levels to help you concentrate and peppermint tea is proven to increase your alertness.

5. Down a glass of water when your alarm goes off

Keep it on your bedside table to rehydrate your body and wake up your metabolism – it’s a refreshing morning ritual that could help you out of bed this winter.

6. Or drink plenty before you go to bed

There’s nothing like the urgency of needing the loo to stir you into action! And once you’re up, you’re up. We’re not talking coffee or alcohol, stimulants that keep you awake, but water or a calming mug of camomile tea.

7. Quit lying to yourself

Five more minutes will never make a bit of difference, it simply can’t make you feel any more awake – in fact, snoozing your alarm will make you more groggy and irritable, which is no way to start your day. Get up when your alarm goes off the first time, because your sleep cycle is already disrupted and you won’t have a spare four hours to have another one.

8. Bribe yourself out of bed

This could be as simple as programming the coffee maker to go off with your alarm, waking you up with the smell of a fresh brew. Or grabbing a magazine on the way to work. Whatever it takes, you’ll have earnt it this winter.

9. Turn your power tunes up

It’s never a good idea to use your favourite song as an alarm, you’ll quickly grow to hate it, but listen to anything that pumps you up for the day ahead – just before you shuffle out of bed, when you brush your teeth or breakfast. Ride the natural high of music to smash through the winter morning and stay out of bed.

10. Sleep on the best bed and mattress you can afford

Sounds counterproductive right, like it would make it harder still to drag yourself out of bed this winter? Actually, a restful night’s sleep will play to your advantage – with the added health benefits of improving your posture. Besides, if you’re struggling to heave yourself out of bed, it might as well be a good one.

And the New Year is the perfect time to invest in a new mattress; ‘out with the old and in with the new’ as the saying goes! Contact us if you’d like a hand finding your perfect bed this winter.

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