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Best Bed Frames For Super King Size Beds

Sometimes, an ordinary king size bed simply won’t do. If you’re ready for that extra space, a super king size bed has to be the ultimate in supersized luxury.

14th November, 2018
by Carl Walsh

Sometimes, an ordinary king size bed simply won’t do. If you’re ready to ‘level up’ and want that extra space, a super king size bed has to be the ultimate in supersized luxury. Super king bed frames generally offer you more width rather than extra length, although if you really want to up the ante, you can have custom-made super king size bed frames made that add an extra few inches at the bottom, too. Perfect for people over 6’ or who just need the extra room due to injury or poor mobility, a super king size bed provides you with a great night’s sleep without feeling cramped.

Super Kings, as they’re often shortened to, usually measure around 180cm by 200cm, and are around half a metre wider than a standard UK king size bed. If you are thinking about buying a super king then there’s one thing you’re going to have to check first – that it fits in the room! Before you start browsing the super kings on offer, do some careful measuring because believe us when we tell you that extra half a metre makes a big, big difference.

You’ll need to make sure that you’ve got plenty of room not just to get your super king size bed in through the door, but that you’ve also left enough space to move around the bed once it’s in position. Super king size beds are not really suitable for small bedrooms, where they’d overwhelm everything else in the room and become a hindrance to free movement. 

What type of Super King Size bed frames are available?

There’s no real restriction on the styles and types of super king size bed frames when you compare them to your standard-sized beds. You can choose from a full range of frames, from warm and sturdy wood to sleek metal frames, as well as practical ottomans and divans – a real boon if you’re stuck for some storage space.

Wooden frames – blend in beautifully with a more traditional look, although with modern styling can have a clean, uncluttered Scandinavian look that’ll work just as well in an ultra-modern setting. Wood lasts for decades and has a warmth and tactile quality that we find our customers love. Choose from blonde pine for a lighter, brighter look, or a darker mahogany or teak stain (but make sure it doesn’t darken down your décor too much in a smaller space).

Metal frames – robust, strong, and with an on-trend ‘industrial’ quality, these are the type of super king size frames to choose if you’re fitting out a loft apartment or a modern build. They tend to be lighter than a heavier wood frame and are easy to assemble and disassemble.

Ottomans and divans – There’s nothing quite as smart as an ottoman if you’re really struggling for some storage space. With a larger bed, you’ll naturally get more storage space too. Remember, though, that ottomans need space to operate, so pick from a bottom or side opening system, depending on the amount of free space you have around your bed. If you have plenty of room then divans (with drawers) are an excellent alternative.

Where can you get a super king size bed frame?

Most bed shops (both in the ‘real world’ and online) sell standard doubles and king size beds, but not everyone sells super king size. At Bed Guru, we do, because we believe you should have the option to choose a bed that suits you, regardless of size. Our Super King size frames and mattresses match those extra large dimensions we talked about earlier, and we’ve also got a huge choice of styles and types on offer as well. From luxury faux leather covered frames such as the Savona, to stylish Scandi wooden frames like the Esther, there’s a wide range of frames to choose from to suit your décor, your space, and your budget.

Super King Size bed frames are not that much more expensive than a standard king size, and in most cases, they’re pretty comparable when it comes to the cost. Remember that you will have to pay a little extra for a mattress that fits a super king size, but if you’ve got the space, and you want a bed you can really stretch out in, why not take a look at levelling up to a super king size?

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