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FREE Mattress Protector With Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Protect your new pocket sprung mattress from stains, moisture and other nasties with your FREE Tencel mattress protector worth up to £61.99!

11th May, 2017
by Carl Walsh

Protect your new pocket sprung mattress from stains, moisture and other nasties with your FREE Tencel mattress protector worth up to £61.99!

Your FREE mattress protector will be sent out automatically if you purchase one of our selected pocket sprung mattresses during May or June, you don’t have to do anything.

The offer is applicable on our Organic mattress range, our British Made Landmark mattresses and our Pocket Sprung Natural, Couples Mattresses and Pocket Sprung Cashmere.

Not only will your FREE Tencel mattress protector keep sensitive skin and asthma sufferers comfortable, because it’s made from organic Eucalyptus fibre, but it’ll give your new mattress an ultra-soft and silky feel – keeping you cool and less likely to wake up during the night. All without costing you a penny – leaving you more to spend on bedding for your well-protected new mattress.

Not only does the protector fit as snug as a fitted sheet on your pocket sprung mattress, but you can even pop it in the washing machine and tumble dryer. 

What’s a pocket sprung mattress?

pocket sprung mattress corner

Our pocket sprung mattresses are made right here in Britain – where up 10,000 springs are sewn into individual pockets of fabric to form a mattress. Each spring works independently – distributing your weight and moulding to the shape of your body more easily than a standard open coil mattress.

Pocket sprung mattresses support the contours of your body, easing the pressure on your knees, hips and shoulders for a more comfortable sleep. They’re great for couples, because there’s no transference of movement – other areas of your mattress won’t sink when you move, minimising the risk of you rolling towards your partner in the middle of the night.

couple eating pizza on bed

If getting in and out is a problem for you, pocket sprung mattresses are well-supported so you don’t feel as though you’re going to slide off the edge of your mattress.

The higher the spring count, the firmer your pocket sprung mattress and the more you’ll feel supported. Pick a 1000 spring model for a soft (softer) sleep, 1500 for a medium feel or 2000 for a firm (firmer) feel and higher spring counts for even more posture contouring.

Of course, you have a range of durability ratings to choose from as well. But you can also ask us to match you with your ideal pocket sprung mattress if you aren’t sure, suited to your budget and sleep requirements – take advantage of our 30+ years of experience.

Want more? Watch the ‘Pocket Sprung Mattress’ playlist on our YouTube channel.

Buy one of these pocket sprung mattresses – and get a FREE mattress protector, PLUS £40 off any divan base

Bed Guru pocket sprung mattresses start from as little as £169 and are available in a range of special sizes.

1. Pocket Sprung Natural Zip & Link Mattresses

pocket sprung natural zip & link mattress

A mattresses that splits in two, ready for guests. Whether you opt for the 2000 or 1500 pocket sprung models, these mattresses are packed with five natural fillings – giving you extra comfort and regulating your temperature for an uninterrupted night’s sleep. The Pocket Sprung Natural mattress offers a deep comfort layer of cotton filling that keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter – covered in a woven damask cover.

2. Pocket Sprung Cashmere Mattress

Pocket Sprung Cashmere Mattress

Natural horsehair in our pocket sprung cashmere mattress gives you extra springiness, and the mohair adds durability to make your new mattress more resilient. 

3. Organic Mattress Range

pocket sprung mattress

Buy any of our six organic pocket sprung mattresses – to claim your free mattress protector. The crucial difference here is the new Vitalwood® Anatomical Wooden Springs, individually handcrafted from beech wood to give you outstanding spinal support – reducing the pressure on your body. And that’s not all, as you’ll find out here.

4. Landmark Mattress Range

calverley mattress on bed frame

Looking for a new bed that ticks all the boxes? That’s exactly what you can have from our most luxurious range yet – the Landmark Collection features six pocket sprung mattresses, in a variety of firmness and durability ratings, starting from £359. You’ll get a FREE mattress protector with any one of them.  

The hand-tufted Calverley Mattress, for example, boasts a high quality four-tier side-stitched border that oozes luxury. And that’s not all. The cashmere and wool helps you feel cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, cotton wicks away moisture to keep you fresh and dry – meanwhile mohair acts as a natural insulator and horse hair strengthens your mattress to make it even more stable and resilient.

Terms and Conditions apply to the FREE mattress protector offer. 

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