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Bed Guru #GoOrganic with House Proud Bloggers

Here at Bed Guru we're challenging bloggers to swap their usual cleaning products for natural alternatives as part of our #GoOrganic campaign...

11th May, 2016
by Carl Walsh

To celebrate the launch of our Bed Guru organic mattresses which are manufactured using organic cotton and British wool, we're challenging bloggers to swap their usual cleaning products for natural alternatives.

You'll be amazed by what you might discover lurking at the back of your kitchen cupboard. Take baking soda, olive oil and vodka, for example, not the most obvious cleaning products but there you may have what it takes to whip up chemical free, organic cleaning materials.

Our #GoOrganic experiment will see chemical cleaning products tossed aside in favour of cheaper, homemade concoctions. Our blogger friends will have a selection of ingredients at their fingertips, as well as their own tips and tricks.

Here are a few of our tips in case you want to take up the challenge as well!

Baking Soda

Perfect for spot stains and deep cleans, this magic little powder neutralises offensive odours, without the need for air-freshener. Put a few tablespoons in the bottom of your kitchen bin, throw some onto your carpet before hovering, or sprinkle it onto your clothes in the evening to shake off for a fresher outfit in the morning.  

Mix baking soda with water to form a paste, and you're really ready to tackle your heavy-duty household chores. Swish it around your toilet basin before flushing, spread it on your hobs to cut through cooked on grime, or tackle grubby carpet marks. All in all, baking powder supposedly has similar uses to bleach, minus the eye-watering chemical stench. 

Olive Oil & Lemon Juice

When your stainless steel surfaces have your grubby fingerprints all over them, remember to dab a cloth in olive oil or acidic lemon juice to wipe away the evidence. Or combine the two, with one cup of olive oil and half a cup of lemon juice, to make yourself spray-on furniture polish - ready to buff your sofas and jackets back to their former glory.

Lemon juice has countless tricks up its sleeves. Mixed with vinegar to form a paste, it'll tackle serious stains, scum and even rust. Just leave it soaking for 15 minutes before applying a little elbow grease! 

Orange Juice


Yes, really. Lemon juice transforms milk into a natural grime buster – a ‘sour milk furniture’ polish is more popular than it sounds. Believe it or not, your silverware will come out gleaming after a long night soaking in this thick and creamy milk-citrus mixture. 


Who knew that Russia's favourite tipple had cleaning powers? It's capable of all sorts, as it kills bacteria. Freshen your bedding with a spritz of vodka mixed with essential oils. Buff it on chrome and glass, to use it like window cleaner for a streak-free shine. Or revive your fresh cut flower bouquets, and make them last longer, with a splash vodka in your vase. 

Unlike other alcohol, the smell of vodka dissipates as it dries, so don’t worry your home won't smell like a brewery.

White Wine Vinegar 

We suspect that white wine vinegar will become our #GoOrganic bloggers’ best friend, being the all-purpose kitchen and bathroom cleaner it is. Leave your shower head in a bag of it for 12 hours and the limescale should disappear. Microwave two tablespoons of vinegar in a bowl of water for five minutes to loosen any hard-to-shift food explosions.

Add an egg cup’s worth of white wine vinegar in with your laundry, and it’ll act like a fabric softener, deodorising and making your fabrics more absorbent than usual.

With any luck these cheap-and-cheerful, natural cleaning solutions will win the war on germs. But who knows what other clever tips and cleaning hacks our bloggers will use? We'll keep you updated on their progress!

While you're in the spring cleaning mood why not declutter your home Japanese-style , or tell us about your cleaning remedies over on our Facebook and Twitter?

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