Take the Quiz: Are you really Ready to Get Married?

Marriage is a massive leap into the unknown. You may have been with your partner for a while now and starting to wonder whether it’s time to take the next step and ring those wedding bells. Suddenly you go from having your own bed to having to share one with someone. Your space becomes theirs, and life changes forever. Take this very scientific quiz before you drop to one knee and ask for their hand in marriage… 

Bed Guru Couples Mattress Quiz

Congratulations! You made it through the quiz and are ready for the next step! But is your mattress? 

When coming together as newlyweds, the normal routine is to scrap one mattress and keep the other. However, this may impact the partner that has to get rid of their beloved mattress for their new dearly beloved. Instead, why not recycle both mattresses and get a new one? They can be designed specially so both of you can sleep in bliss.

A couple’s mattress is the perfect solution. These mattresses are designed around your needs, with sides made specifically for each partner. This is done by designing each side around your personal specification. Looking at your height, weight and sleeping pattern we can adjust the spring suspension to give you the most comfortable night’s sleep. Without annoying your partner.

Design your perfect couples' mattress today.

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