Famous Sleepers

How many hours sleep do you get a night? 6? 7? 8? The National Sleep Foundation recommends 7 -9 hours’ sleep a night, but a recent study by Prof Russell Foster at the University of Oxford found that some of us aren’t getting enough sleep. This lack of sleep could be damaging the health of the nation! 

This got us thinking, just how much shut-eye do people need to function and do their jobs properly? It seems to vary widely, a survey found politicians get more than 9 hours sleep a night whilst people in marketing and PR get the least amount of sleep, having the highest number of people who sleep less than 3 hours! You may not believe it, but famous people also love clambering into their bed at night and cosying up with their duvets, sometimes they just don't get the chance.  

Bed Guru Famous Sleepers Infographic