The Best Mattresses For Couples

Is your bed too warm and sweaty? Does your partner wake you up when they roll around? Well, share a bed that’s definitely made for two. 

Here’s what the best couples mattresses have in common…

1. Caters to both of you, no compromises

bed-guru-couples-mattress-best-bed-for-couplesSleeping on a split-side couples mattress is like having your own single bed, because one side is tailored to your height, weight and sleeping position and the other half is completely different, suiting your partner’s needs. Say you’re petite and sleep on your back – your half of the mattress will be gentle or medium firm. Meanwhile, your taller partner who sleeps on their side could have the firmest of the four mattress options – making this the best bed for couples.

Take the quick couples mattress questionnaire to design your perfect mattress today. 

2. Absorbs your partner’s tossing and turning

Bed Guru couples mattresses are packed with 6000, 4500, 3000 or 1500 individual pocket springs (depending on how firm your bed is). So your mattress shouldn’t sink or cave when your partner rolls over, because the springs aren’t intertwined like a standard coil mattress.

3. It’s positively luxurious

Couples mattresses are handmade in Britain, from natural wool and silk, cotton and cashmere, horse hair and mohair – six natural fillings that ooze luxury and help to keep your body at a consistent temperature throughout the night, helping you to sleep. It’s topped with a woven damask, resistant to dust mites, to protect your mattress and your health. Some couples mattresses offer a hand-tufted finish, such is the attention to detail.

4. It comes with free UK delivery

Designed your couples mattress with the quick questionnaire? Have it delivered to your home for free in England or Wales – within a day or two, you’ll get a phone call from us to arrange a time. Alternatively, add your address at the checkout to have your new couples mattress delivered overseas.

Don’t compromise on a good night’s sleep!