Do you know what is a Zip & Link Bed?

A Zip & Link bed is a bed which can be set up as a king or super king size bed and then unzipped and separated to make two single beds. They are ideal for hoteliers and landlords as they cleverly offer the flexibility to have two different sleeping set ups from one bed and mattress.

Hoteliers will often need to change a room around quickly for guests and a Zip & Link bed means you don’t have to take one large king size bed out and replace it with two singles if your next lot of guests require two single beds. It’s quick and easy to change them around in minutes.

Zip & Link beds and mattresses offer a flexible sleeping solution; you simply unzip the mattresses to separate them.

As well as being popular with hotel and B&B owners Zip & Link beds are also useful in houses where the stair access is tricky. Because the beds come apart easily you can separate them into the two smaller pieces to get the bed into the space and then clip them back together once it’s in the bedroom.  We can even build the bases for you in a lower profile so that they are lower to the floor. We can also build them in four sections to make delivery easier. 

Our Bed Guru Zip & Link divan base is suitable for all mattress types and comes in a variety of fabric choices. We can also vary the height for you to make it easier to get into awkward spaces. It comes with castors as standard (gliders are also available) to make it easy to separate them and wheel back together if you want to use it as two separate beds. We have a range of different Zip & Link mattresses including pocket sprung latex and pocket sprung cashmere to memory foam and orthopaedic. 

Remember if you are purchasing a Zip & Link bed and mattress that you want to use as both a king size and single bed then you will need to purchase single headboards so that when split each bed has its own headboard. We have a wide range of different headboard styles and a choice of stylish fabrics.

You don’t need to worry about your Zip & Link bed coming apart, they are securely fastened together so won’t just come apart by accident! You also won’t be able to feel the zips that join the mattresses they are designed to join seamlessly so you can be sure of a great night’s sleep.

Each mattress is independent of each other so both guests get a supported and comfortable night’s sleep. There’s no ending up squashed together in the middle of the bed when you wake up because of a limp mattress. Each Zip & Link mattress offers total independent support giving guests a comfortable, restful night’s sleep!

Bed Guru Zip & Link beds offer a versatile and flexible sleeping option ideal for hoteliers. You can quickly and efficiently rearrange a room’s bed capacity and offer guests the perfect night’s sleep!

If you want to find out more about our Zip & Link mattresses and divan bases then please get in touch and we can talk you through all of the options and find the right set up for you and your guests. We ship internationally and across the UK so if you run a hotel or guesthouse overseas don’t worry we can deliver to you!