Will your guest bed show you up this Christmas and New Year? 

Not if we can help it.

Imagine waking up with back ache on Christmas morning. Or sleeping on someone’s second-hand mattress, knowing that it’s worn out and packed with their dead skin flakes – sure, you might be friends or family, but isn’t that a little close for comfort?

Still, that’s marginally better than the worst case scenario – the dreaded blow up mattress, that’s no better than sleeping on the floor. What a way to enter the New Year.

But what’s the alternative? Fitting everyone in over Christmas and New Year can prove tricky. But actually, it’s easy to keep all of your guests happy, without having to offer up your own bed out of guilt.

Invest in a single or double guest bed for as little as £99 and relax guilt-free, knowing you’ve looked your loved ones properly.

Stuck for space?

Bed Guru Christmas Guests
Use your guest room however you please, with your folding Z bed stored out of the way, until your guests pop over. It doesn’t get much better for spontaneous visitors who wouldn’t dream of sleeping on the floor or on anything less, than a comfortable bed of their own.

Pull-out and fold out Guest Beds

Bed Guru Christmas Guests

Have you invited a couple to stay over for Christmas? Pull out guest beds are great for smaller guest rooms or even kid’s sleepovers. A single pull out bed stays tucked out of sight under the main bed, ready for when you need it – and you have a choice of frames, from divan beds and Paris guest beds to wooden Hornblower beds

Double the fun

Bed Guru Christmas Guests

If you have the space then you may prefer to opt for a double bed for your guest room. We have a fantastic selection of bed frames and quality mattresses to give your guests a real treat.

Divans, wooden, metal and upholstered beds; beds with storage, adjustable beds or special sized beds. We have something to suit every guest room.

So if you need advice on the best guest beds or mattresses, call us today – we’ll help you to take care of your friends and family. Just don’t blame us if your guests don’t want to leave!