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Home Inspiration: How to create a winter-ready bedroom

Make sure you stay snug as a bug this winter. These small tweaks will make your bedroom ready for winter…

5th October, 2016
by Carl Walsh

Stay snug as a bug this winter, these small tweaks will make your bedroom ready for winter…

You mastered how to stay cool in summer, but that won’t help you now, you deserve a cosy bedroom to snuggle up in when the weather outside turns frightful. Not only could it look lovely and seasonal, but you’ll sleep better and could even trim down your heating bill.

1. Nap on a natural mattress 

Organic cotton mattresses are the cat’s pyjamas when it comes to keeping warm on winter nights without cranking up your central heating. Inside, 1,000 pocket springs are covered with super soft 100% British wool, which wicks away moisture to regulate your body temperature and therefore keep you sound asleep. These natural wool fibres will even keep you cool in summer. 

2. Layer your bed

Whether you’re dressing yourself or your bed, the key to surviving winter is always layers. Start with a quilted mattress protector, comfier than your standard ones, which stops skin and sweat from sinking into your mattress. Top that with a luxurious duck feather and down topper, that softens your firm mattress and makes your soft bed more supportive in the comfiest way.

Then the fun bit… styling your bed, add fitted sheets, stylish bed linen and a 12 tog winter duvet, then pile on wintry fleecy tartan, faux fur or chunky knit throws and cushions. 

3. Upgrade to thicker curtains

Block ice cold drafts seeping through your bedroom windows with thick and heavy curtains, which you could even match with your bed covers.

4. Stuff a draft excluder under your door

Another cheap and effective way to lock the warmth in your bedroom and stop that chilly draft.

5. Pack your summer wardrobe away

Alas, the time’s come to store your summer bedding, shorts and tank tops in your divan bed base or out of the way in the attic. You want to create space for your winter boots and jumpers in your wardrobe, and, well, we’ve warned you about cluttering up your bedroom

6. Cuddle hot water bottles or electric blankets

Snuggling up with a hot water bottle is one of the joys of winter, but if you want your entire bed to be toasty warm when you climb in it, not just the odd patch, opt for an electric blanket. These heat up your entire bed, so you’re cosy the minute you slip beneath the sheets.

7. Cover your cold wooden floor with a rug

Not only will your bedroom look warm and inviting, but those of you without carpet won’t have the shock of stepping out of a toasty warm bed onto an uncomfortably cold floor.

8. Keep dressing gowns on standby…

Hang your fleecy dressing gown on your bedroom door or off your headboard, within easy reach the minute you get up.

9. … Maybe even your kettle

Keep a kettle in your bedroom, filled up and ready for the morning, to tempt yourself out of bed with a warming mug of Yorkshire tea or a ginger and lemon brew to stave off colds on those dark winter mornings.

10. Light seasonally scented candles 

Fill your room with one wintry scent, so you don’t over power your senses. Go for sweet cinnamon, spiced orange or fresh pine scented tea-lights or make a statement with a pillar candle filled with winter fruits and berries.

11. Find a bedside lamp

Not only do they create a cosier atmosphere by being less harsh than a ceiling light, but you won’t need to leave your warm cosy bed to turn it on and off.

12. Accent your bedroom with autumnal colours…

You have countless ways to do this. Opt for rich plum, maroon or brown bed sheets, for example, mustard yellow cushions or orange lampshades. Bright injections of colour like this work best if they contrast with the rest of your bedroom, so you could experiment with calming and sophisticated greys or creams elsewhere.

13. Go dark, moody and bang on trend…

You could copy the hottest interior design trends this winter, and use dark greens, blues or purples to create a dramatic and romantic space, perfect for cuddling up in. You could make a statement with velvety throws and cushions, in lighter heather shades since Rose Quartz is Pantone’s colour of the year.

14. Or embrace the winter blues

Depending on who you ask, all sorts of colours are having a moment this winter, including refreshing icy blues – that you can pair with bright white bed sheets to recreate the look of water.

Need a hand prepping your bedroom for winter? Just ask us.

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