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Ask the Guru - How do I stop rolling into the middle of my mattress?

Do you wake up squashed next to your partner in the middle of your bed? Bed Guru explains why it might be down to your old mattress or bed base.

1st June, 2016
by Carl Walsh

Today’s #AskTheGuru question is a common one.

Do you go to bed on one side of the bed and then wake up squashed next to your partner in the middle?

If you and your partner have different builds, as is so often the case, your mattress may sag in the middle and cause the two of you to roll together into an uncomfortable heap. Not only can it interrupt your sleep, but it can also cause backache.

We’re going to try and answer this age old dilemma...

Just how do I stop me and my partner rolling together into the middle of the mattress?

The solution to your problem relies on its root cause, so you must first identify whether your mattress, bed base, or frame is at fault. 

Let's tackle it from the top down. Have you replaced your mattress in the last eight years? An old mattress won’t be up to the task - your tossing and turning will have sapped its strength and support, especially if there's two of you. When your mattress has had its day you’ll notice your quality of sleep going downhill.

Rolling together can also be down to having the wrong type of mattress.

If your coils are intertwined, such as in a standard Bonnell coil system, your combined weight can cause your mattress to sink down, whatever it’s age. They will often cave towards the centre and sag. In which case, your knight in shining armour may be a pocket sprung mattress, whose springs work independently, for a spine-supporting sleep. 

However, even a brand new mattress can roll together if it's not properly supported by a quality bed base. If you don’t have the right bed base your mattress may dip under the weight of two people.

Rolled mattress

Check beneath your bed to ensure that the middle is supported with a bed leg or something similar. All good? Remove your mattress and check the top. Can you see broken or weak slats? Is it an old base with springs in? Are areas of your base bending to your touch? A good sleep is built on a strong foundation. If damage is visible, it ought to be replaced to allow your mattress to lie correctly. An old base can damage a new mattress and even invalidate your mattresses guarantee.

If everything seems fine, you may be left scratching your head as to what the problem is. In this case, it could be that your mattress is simply too heavy for the bed frame - which can also cause you to roll together into the middle. If you've bought a new mattress, but not replaced your old bed base, then this may well be your issue. 

We're confident that with a sturdy bed base, topped with a pocket sprung mattress you can say goodbye to waking up squashed together in the middle of your bed.

Another option would be to take a look at our fabulous couples mattresses. These split side mattresses work independently, but they're seamlessly joined together. Your mattress won't sag in the middle, because you're technically lying on separate mattresses - made to your personal sleeping requirements. 

Similarly, a zip and link bed can be set up as a king or super king, and separated into two single beds. Again, the middle won't sag because of how they're joined together.

So there you have it. You can be close to your partner, comfortably sleeping side by side, without being too close. If this has prompted another question, feel free to #AskTheGuru on Twitter or Facebook.

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