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How Secure Are Ottoman Beds?

People often as, just how secure are Ottoman Beds? You can find out the answer over on the Bed Guru website.

7th August, 2018
by Carl Walsh

If space is at a premium in your bedroom, or you want as much storage as you can get, an ottoman bed can be a welcome addition. This is a really innovative way to maximise the space you have, as it transforms your bed into something more than just a place to sleep.  An ottoman bed is a multifunctional piece of furniture, complete with built-in storage. It’s perfect for hiding away big items and clutter, and a secure place to keep precious items like passports and childhood memories.

Secret storage is more secure

Party of the beauty of ottoman beds is that you suddenly gain lots more storage. Because it’s hidden from view, nobody else knows it’s there. With this in mind, some people decide to tuck away their valuables inside the ottoman bed, so you know exactly where they are, and they’re less likely to be discovered by intruders (or naughty children). You could pop precious items in here whenever you go away on holiday, or store away important things you don’t need to access very often.  

How exactly do ottoman beds work?

At ottoman bed base features pistons or (more commonly) gas struts. These are designed to hold the weight of the mattress, both when you raise it up and bring it back down. The boot of a car works in the same way; take a look next time, and you’ll see the gas struts in action.

These functions are an essential part of an ottoman bed. Without it, they simply wouldn’t work and they’d be virtually impossible to lift on your own. They also prevent sudden movements from occurring and stop the lid or mattress from slamming down.  

Ottoman bed

Are they easy to open and close?

Ottomans are generally easy to open – just make sure you choose a good-quality option. Ottoman beds come in three ways, and how they open varies depending on the type you choose. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Option 1: The top can be hinged from the side. When you open the storage space, your mattress raises on its side.

  • Option 2: The top can be hinged from the headboard. When you open the storage space, it raises up from the foot of your mattress.  

  • Option 3: Unlike the other two types, which open fully, the top is hinged from the middle of the mattress. This means it only opens halfway, which is perfect for rooms with sloping ceilings. Some beds of this type let you install drawers in the unopened half, so you can maximise storage in the head section.    

Before you order an ottoman bed, make sure you measure the width and height of your room. That way, you’ll know for sure whether there’s enough room to lift your mattress fully.

Are ottoman beds safe for children?

As well as a comfy place to sleep, beds with built-in storage can be an excellent solution for kids’ rooms. You won’t have to worry about stuff gathering dust under the bed, and they’ll have a place to keep their toys and clothes neat and tidy.

Rather than going for a traditional ottoman bed, choosing one like the Scarlet 2 Drawer Bedstead instead could be a much better option. This way, they’ll have quick and easy access to their stuff; all they need to do is open the drawers, there’s absolutely no need to lift up the mattress.

Laughing child

Quality matters

When it comes to ottoman beds, quality really does matter. Very cheap beds are generally poorly constructed, and they don’t offer the best environment for the items you need to store. Good quality ottoman beds tend to be easier to lift and close, and the storage space also features coatings to prevent chipping on storage items.  

Here at the Bed Guru, you’ll find a range of safe, secure ottoman beds. Most of our solutions stand on raised gliders, giving your bed a premium floating effect. If you want a really luxurious finish, we also offer ottoman beds on low feet, with an upholstered surround and a layer of fabric, or four timber legs.


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