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Your Last Minute Christmas Checklist

Christmas is here but there's no need to stress. You’ve stumbled across the only checklist you need to get last-minute preparations over the line.

23rd December, 2019
by Carl Walsh

Christmas is here and with just hours to go you’ll no doubt have the presents wrapped, the food bought, and the house looking like a festive show home. With nothing left to do but put your feet up and pop the Bucks Fizz after a job well done.

Then you wake from the dream to realise the house is a bomb site and your to-do is growing by the minute.

The good news is, you’ve stumbled across the only checklist you need to get last-minute Christmas preparations over the line.

Decorating a Christmas tree

Preparation is key

  •     Save precious time and prepare your veg the day before. You'll thank yourself on Christmas day when all the peeling and chopping is out of the way. 
  •     Defrost the turkey with time to spare. You probably have this covered, but It's a small job to prevent a lot of unnecessary stress. 
  •     Wrap a few spare bottles of wine or boxes of chocolates. You never know when who will show up with a gift you weren't expecting. 
  •     Write any final cards and give yourself space. Enlist the help of your significant other and children to go deliver them while you get everything else in order.
  •     Stock up on batteries. On Christmas morning batteries turn into gold dust, so buy plenty to avoid disappointment and keep the little ones happy.

Guest bedroom

Host with the most

Treat your family and friends to a stay they’ll remember for all the right reasons. This means sorting out the guest room with:

  •     Clean bedding
  •     Fluffy towels
  •     A rail for their clothes
  •     A cosy blanket for extra warmth
  •     Festive candles for the perfect ambience
  •     Pillow chocolates for that hotel experience

 Anticipate needing an extra chair or two for the table, just in case. The emergency chairs don’t have to match, they just need to be the right height for the table and you're good to go. 

Do a headcount and check you have enough cutlery, plates and dishes to get you through boxing day. Bonus points for reusable decorations and avoiding single-use plastics!

Christmas dinner table

Last but not least 

  •     Give your house a once over, getting rid of any leftover clutter and recycling any odd bits of paper that are lying around.
  •     Use a simple lemon juice and water mix with a microfiber cloth for a naturally antibacterial cleaner you can use on virtually any surface in your home.
  •     Lemon water is cheap, smells great, and won’t damage any furniture. Plus, with just one spray bottle you’ll get the whole house done in record time.
  •     In anticipation of hungry guests and piles of packaging, it’s a good idea to take the bins out before guests arrive and have spare bin bags at arm’s reach.
  •     On the topic of waste disposal, stock up on more toilet roll than you’ll need, because, well, the more the merrier.
  •     With time to spare, why not take any leftover tinsel and wrap it around candles, ornaments, door handles, or across the fireplace to add the finishing touches?

Cup of coffee

And relax…

Probably the most important point in any checklist. Take the time to relax and remember that Christmas isn’t supposed to be about stressing and impressing. It’s about spending precious time with those you care about.

And after all is said and done, why not reward your hard work with a brand new bed or mattress and get the new year off to the perfect start?

We’ll even deliver it to your room and take away the packaging, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Merry Christmas from everyone at Bed Guru, see you in the new year!

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