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Long Beds

Tall people rejoice! Finally, a bed solution that puts your feet dangling days behind you. Introducing, long beds...

29th July, 2020
by Carl Walsh

Tall people rejoice! Long beds have been designed for the giants amongst us, putting an end to the days of legs dangling off the end of the bed and curling up in a ball. If your slightly taller than the average bed or just want more space to stretch out, then you should consider a longer bed.

As you may expect from a long bed, the width is usually anything from a single bed to a king size bed but they will be longer than normal.

How long is the average bed?

The average length of a bed is around 190cm for sizes up to a double and then king size and up are 200cm in length. You see the length of different beds below:

So, you may find that if you’re 6”3 or under, that this is the perfect size for you. However not everyone is lucky enough to fit a standard size bed. That’s where long beds come in, to help the Peter Crouch’s amongst us.

throw pillow on bed frame

What size are long beds?

Our range of long beds come in a range of different widths from the smaller single beds to the larger king size beds and super king size beds. We can create a custom size length bed to ensure you fit. Take a look at our size guide to find the different lengths that are available.

Who might need a long bed?

Standing tall at 8”9, Sultan Kösen is unlikely to fit in a standard bed, not even a super king! The tallest UK man is former basketball player Neil Fingleton who stands at 7”7. So as you can imagine, he’s going to need something a bit bigger.

The average height for men in the UK is 5”9 and for women is 5”3. So the average UK bed buyer has no issues with buying a bed for its length with the average UK bed reaching around 6 foot. But, for a second, spare a thought for the likes of Sultan, Lebron James at 6”9, Peter Crouch who stands at 6”7 and Maria Sharapova at 6”2.

It can’t be easy trying to catch a good night’s sleep ahead of a big sporting event when you don’t fit the bed. This is why long beds were created, to help people like the above sleep better at night.

white bed comforter

The top reasons why you need a long bed:

  • If you are tall, you need a longer bed than the standard size for ergonomic reasons. If you sleep in a bed that's too small for you, it encourages you to position your body in an uncomfortable and unhealthy way. 
  • You spend a third of your life in bed, and so its important to invest in a bed that's first-class, for your mind and for your body. 
  • Most countries have bigger average bed sizes than Britain, and if they can have a roomy sleep, why shouldn't we?
  • If you spend a lot of money of buying expensive clothes and top-of-the-range cars but have a bed that's too small for you, then you need to rethink your priorities. Investing in the wellness of our bodies is priceless. 
  • If you sleep with your partner, studies show that couples sleep better in a bigger bed. And who wouldn't want a heavenly night's sleep with their partner, without the tossing and turning? 

What styles of long bed are available?

At Bed Guru, we have a wide range of styles you can choose from. Whether you’re looking for something more modern and contemporary or a more traditional design, we have something for everyone and all bedroom styles.

We have a number of different types of long bed available for you to choose from. Whether you want a sturdy metal frame that’s bound to last or a stylish and equally sturdy wooden bed frame that can either look contemporary or classic, then there will be something for you.

How can we help?

We have a number of custom bed sizes so we can find you your long bed solution. Beds can be made up to 7”3 in length (or 221cm). This will give you plenty of space to stretch out in and will put an end to your leg dangling days.

It’s important to ensure that, before you make your purchase, you have enough space in your bedroom length and width ways. The last thing you want is for your brand new bed to arrive and find that you can no longer get in your wardrobe. Before you measure the space, if there is a wardrobe, open the doors and then measure the space from the wall and just before the doors. This gives you the room you need.

cat lying down in bed

Our solution for you

Struggling to find what you were looking for? We have a wide range of custom size beds depending on what you’re looking for. We can alter our beds to suit your size, ensuring you get the best night’s sleep possible.

If you can’t find your bed solution then feel free to get in touch by emailing us on info@bedguru.co.uk or calling us on 0113 243 3616.

If you see a design you like and you want it in a custom size, then contact us and we’ll do everything we can to create it for you. If you’re in need of a custom-sized mattress to go with your bed then we can also help you with this.

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