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Choosing a Luxury Bed with Bed Guru

At Bed Guru, we recognise the importance of sleeping in luxury, on a bed that feels like you are floating on a cloud.

6th January, 2021
by Carl Walsh

Whether you are a fan of upholstered bed frames or statement headboards, Bed Guru has a range of luxury beds on offer if you want to feel like sleeping beauty.

Invest in a suitable mattress

To make a luxurious hotel-like bed in your own home, you have to start with the perfect mattress. A good-quality mattress is key to a good night’s sleep and is integral in maintaining good back health.

If your mattress doesn’t provide you with the right support for your body, you will be faced with suffering from bad posture and possibly bad back and neck pains. This could affect you in your everyday life, which could inhibit you from carrying out your daily tasks.

It’s important to recognise that everyone needs a different mattress with different levels of support. If you really want a luxury bed set up, you need to find the right type of mattress for you. Whether your preference is a pocket sprung mattress or a memory foam mattress if it’s the right one for you it will feel like a luxury bed.

There are mattresses available at Bed Guru for every type of sleeper, including mattresses for side sleepers, allergy sufferers, eco-conscious sleepers’ hot sleepers, wrigglers, couples, and those who suffer with a bad a back. All these mattresses are handmade and come ready to sleep on, this is important to note when choosing a mattress, because mattresses that come squished in box will lack in quality.

The luxurious mattresses that Bed Guru provide include Pocket Sprung Mattresses, Hybrid Mattresses, Natural Mattresses, Orthopaedic Mattresses, Memory Foam Mattresses and Zip and Link Mattresses. These mattresses will vary in price, but even if you’re on a budget you will be able to find the best mattress for you to build your ideal luxury bed.

Luxury Beds

Find your perfect bed frame

What constitutes as luxurious is down to the individual, your idea of luxurious might be a grand pine bed frame or an ethereal metal bed frame. So, what style of bed frame you go for to create your luxury bed is down to you. However, over recent years the upholstered bed frame has been emerging as one of the most popular bed frame styles.

Often pictured in luxuriously modern houses, the upholstered bed has become the go-to style for most interior obsessed individuals.  

Luxury Beds

Upholstered bed frame

With thousands of Instagram home accounts showcasing their classic buttoned frames on their feeds, the upholstered bed has become one of the most luxurious home trends as of late.

An upholstered bed gives of an instant luxurious feel, whether the frame is covered in sumptuous velvets or casual linen, an upholstered bed can automatically make you feel like you are sleeping in a bed taken straight from Buckingham Palace.

But what is it that makes an upholstered bed frame feels to luxurious? Well, fabric bed frames tend to feel more luxurious because they are associated with the feeling of warmth, and an upholstered bed will often be found in the most luxurious hotels.

Luxury Beds

Discover your favourite duvet  

Finding the right duvet is often an overlooked component to creating a luxury bed set-up. If you have found the perfect mattress, and your bed frame is oozing with opulence, then now is not the time to start compromising on your duvet.

A quality duvet suited to the individual will stand the test of time and will make for a dreamy night’s sleep. If you want to create a luxury bed, it’s important to do research before you buy so you can pick the right tog for you.

Tog is the degree to which the duvet retains its heat. If a duvet has a tog rating of 1 then it is unlikely to retain much heat, however, if the tog rating is 15, you are sure to be toasty warm on cold winter nights.

The most popular tog rating in Europe is 10.5, this is the perfect in-between for most people, but if you want to create a luxury bed set-up suited to your needs then pick the one that sounds comfortable to you. If you enjoy being wrapped up in your duvet and love trapping the heat in, a tog of 12-15 might be for you. Alternatively, if you are hot sleeper then a tog of 1-4.5 might work for you the best.

Luxury Beds

Consider your surroundings

Never underestimate your surroundings when it comes to feeling like you are sleeping like royalty. Firstly, keeping your room neat and tidy will ensure that you feel at peace with your environment, and it will accompany the luxurious bed you are sleeping on.

Light up the room with candles and lamps that create ambience. Candles are great for creating a luxurious atmosphere, and bedside table lamps are sure to add a warm light across the room, transporting the room into your dream luxury set-up.

So, what makes a luxury bed to you? Is it an upholstered bed frame with crisp white sheets, or a Nordic pine bed frame with a red checked duvet?

Whatever your style, Bed Guru has a range of luxury beds available to create your ideal bedroom environment.

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