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Mattress topper benefits

Mattress toppers have loads of benefits, providing additional comfort for you whilst you sleep. Find out more on the Bed Guru website.

19th October, 2018
by Carl Walsh

Sometimes, that mattress you’ve bought just doesn’t quite give you the comfort and support you’re looking for. You could throw it away and buy a whole new mattress, but if your current one is only a year or two old, it’s still got plenty of life left in it yet, and that could be a waste of a perfectly good mattress.

The option is to buy a mattress topper, which works out much cheaper and gives you that extra layer of comfort you need to get a restful night’s sleep.

What are mattress toppers?

They are exactly what they say – toppers that go on top of your existing mattresses. Think of them like much thinner, lightweight secondary mattresses that are designed purely to give you an enhanced level of comfort and cushioning.

They range in thickness from lightweight toppers that are effectively like a duvet but with straps that hold them in place on top of your normal mattress, to thicker toppers that look almost like a ‘mini-mattress’ in their own right. The type of topper you go for will depend entirely on how much you want to spend, and how much additional support you need. ‘Cheap and cheerful’ toppers (those that resemble a duvet) start at around £25 for a single bed size and go up to around £60-80 for larger king and queen-size versions.

If you want something a little more substantial then you can pay considerably more for a thicker topper that resembles a slimline mattress. The best quality ones are usually made of memory foam and are particularly useful in the winter as they tend to retain more body heat than normal mattress material. So if you find you’re feeling the cold once the summer’s over, popping on a memory foam mattress topper is a great idea to keep you warm and snug in the winter months.

How about something truly snuggly to curl up into on the coldest of winter evenings? Some mattress toppers come with a fluffy fleece cover known as a ‘Teddy bear topper’. These are particularly useful if you really suffer from the cold.

What are the advantages of mattress toppers?

Mattress toppers let you customise your sleep experience. You can either take them off in the hotter summer months so you can take advantage of the improved airflow from your main mattress or pop them back on in minutes when the temperature drops.

Whether you go for the thinner duvet style or a thicker mattress with a removable cover, mattress toppers are washable, so you can keep your bed fresh and clean.

If your old mattress is starting to feel a little uncomfortable but you simply don’t have the money to replace it, then a mattress topper can smooth out those lumps and bumps (especially the memory foam versions), extending the life of your main mattress considerably.

Are mattress toppers cost effective?

Because they’re affordable (and in some cases downright cheap!), you can spend under £100 (or even under £50 for a single), and revive your mattress in seconds. They’re an ideal budget option that allows you to add a little bit of extra comfort or warmth into your sleeping experience, and if you really feel the cold then you can even buy heated toppers.

However, they’re not a replacement for a proper mattress, so once your old mattress comes to the end of its life, the best thing to do is to invest in a replacement. A mattress topper can act as a cost-effective ‘stop-gap’ until you can afford a new mattress, and once you’ve replaced your mattress you can always store your topper for use as and when you need it.

Where can I get a mattress topper?

You can either have a look around online or talk to us at Bed Guru, where we’ll be able to advise you on the best kind of mattress topper to go for. Remember, the more you pay, the better the quality and the greater the level of support you’ll get, especially if you pick a memory foam option. But if you just want a cheap and cheerful topper to pop on top of your existing mattress for a bit of additional comfort, we should be able to help you with a great selection of toppers at Bed Guru.



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