Rolled Mattresses

Conveniently compressed, packed and delivered next day. Rolled up mattresses come with or without traditional coil or pocket springs, to perfectly complement your sleep preference. Carry your gel, or natural latex mattresses up your staircase with ease under your arm!

Firmness: 1 (firmest) - 4 (softest)

Durability: A (most) - F (least)

The perfect accompaniment to any bed base or bed frame. These sumptuous, UK-made mattresses are compressed, rolled and packed into a neat bundle for your convenience, without detriment to the sleep quality they provide. Just waiting to be unfurled and slept on. Bed Guru supply two types of rolled up mattress.

From the highly supportive latex mattresses, created using rubber trees’ sap, that offer a pristine, hypo-allergenic sleeping surface for allergy sufferers. To their alternative, the extra-soft gel memory foam mattresses, designed to regulate temperature, humidity and your body’s sleep position. These rolled up mattresses can come complete with traditional coil or individual pocket springs, depending on your firmness preferences. And when you need a hand settling on your ideal rolled mattress, call us here at Bed Guru.