Wide Single Mattresses 3'6

Measuring 107cm by 190cm, a wide single mattress is the same length as a standard UK 3ft single bed, but 17cm wider – giving couples, or indeed anyone, a roomier sleep. Shop our collection for a 3ft 6in mattress in the form of a 2000 pocket sprung mattress or 3000 pocket sprung mattress, rolled mattress, memory foam mattress, Orthopaedic beds and more. Wide single mattresses are special size beds.

What does a UK wide single mattress measure?

The UK wide single mattress measures 107cm in width and 190cm in length, and as the name suggests, is a wider version of the standard UK single mattress. We deliver all our UK wide single mattresses worldwide.

What styles of UK wide single mattresses do you sell?

We stock a full range of UK wide single mattresses, giving you a variety to choose from. You can select from the likes of a pocket sprung mattress to a contract hotel & leisure mattress.