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Meet the Bed Guru

Who's this mythical Bed Guru you ask? The highest authority on everything sleep? It's time to meet the man himself

16th December, 2015
by Carl Walsh

First things first, what does a working day usually consist of?

Coffee! Then straight into previously arranged tasks, I have my own task list. I sit at my desk answering business emails and talking to customers over the phone or live chat. Every day varies, some days I have meetings with suppliers and potential new commercial customers. And of course getting out in the vans and actually delivering the beds which I still make sure I do when I can.

So why beds and mattresses and not, say, fridges and freezers?

I left school at 17 and started working with my father in his beds and mattress business. I followed the family business and am now Managing Director of the Bed Guru.

Coffee, Cup, Macbook, Laptop, Working, Breakfast, Bed

What are the advantages of selling beds online as opposed to a traditional showroom?

There is a much greater variety available to customers online. No pushy sales people on commission! Greater reach, overseas and all over the UK. Customers can shop when they want and aren’t tied to the store opening hours or how far away the store is. We listen to customer’s wants and any feedback to help them make better buying decisions and make sure they get the right pieces for their lifestyle and needs.

A topic of much debate over the years. What is the optimum amount of time to sleep?

I believe 7 to 8 hours. I need to get out more I recently spent some time researching this topic and found evidence that shows that whilst you’re asleep the brain cells shrink slightly which allows cerebral fluid to flow around every cell “cleaning” the brain of waste products. Healthy brain for a better quality of life.

With that said, how much shut-eye do you usually get?

For me I get a good 7 hours per night. I train regularly, running, rugby and boot camp and box with my wife, combined with a good mattress I sleep like a log

What would make your job easier and turbo-charge your productivity?

A 3D mattress printer which can create a bespoke mattress tailored to an individual’s posture, weight and health issues.

Nature, light shining through plants

What will you be asking Father Christmas for this year?

I’ve asked for a new belt with the “Yes” (70s prog rock band, don’t ask!) logo on the buckle to replace the one I broke after 30 odd years!

Finally, what does your perfect weekend involve?

Friday 7pm beer O’clock in the Junction Pub with Helen and our friends.

Saturday morning breakfast with mum and usually daughter Lily

Work until Saturday afternoon refereeing Rugby matches

Saturday night out with Helen

Sunday run, with Helen, Otley has great countryside for running off-road

Sunday night catch up on Strictly Come Dancing with a bottle of Red wine, or 2!

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