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Mid-sleeper bed safety tips for parents

A mid sleeper bed is a raised bed, designed to be accessed by a ladder or steps. Mid sleeper beds have space under the bed that can be used for storage or dens.

21st July, 2021
by Carl Walsh

Mid sleeper beds offer a range of different features, which mainly involves the empty space beneath the bed that creates plenty of space for different use, such as a desk, an extra bed, wardrobes or play area.

Mid-sleepers are a great option for children that have lots of toys or clothes! Plus, mid-sleepers usually come in lots of different styles, so if you have a child that’s obsessed with pirates or castles, then there will be a mid-sleeper out there for them.  

Benefits of a mid-sleeper

Storage – Some mid-sleepers may come with storage built-in under the sleeping area. This means you don’t have any extra storage solutions to buy when thinking of where to put your child’s toys and clothes. This will make for an organised and stylish-looking room.

Small bedrooms – Mid-sleepers are perfect for small bedrooms that cant fit in extra furniture around the bed. Mid-sleepers also have a lower height than normal bunk beds which makes them feel less overbearing.

Versatility – Some mid-sleepers might come without storage built-in under the sleeping area, and this allows the child to create their own setup! Whether they want to use it as a play area or they want to create a den, the possibilities are endless!

Fun – Mid-sleeper beds are so great for children because they are so unique! Some mid-sleeper beds come with slides, ropes, or extra steps so it feels like you’re going on an adventure when you climb into bed!

What age should you be for a mid-sleeper bed?

Whether you want to get your child a mid-sleeper or a high sleeper, you should wait until they’re at least the age of 6 years old. This is due to safety regulations and the beds having to be accessed by ladders or steps. Some mid-sleeper beds might be much lower than the standard size, and so some mi-sleepers could be appropriate for those aged 4 years old. Before buying a mid-sleeper, always make sure to take the beds individual safety guidelines.

Safety tips for parents and children

Mid-sleepers are strong and stable beds, and if you follow the safety guidelines and the bed is constructed properly, you can me sure your child will remain safe.

However, due to their extra height, mid-sleepers do pose a greater risk of an accident if they are not used properly, so its important to not only read the guidelines yourself but you should read them through with your child.

  • Make sure your child doesn’t jump on the bed.
  • Make sure your child doesn’t jump from the bed onto the floor.
  • Don’t place mid-sleeper directly under a light.
  • Ensure all safety nails are securely fastened.
  • Regularly check all fittings are not becoming loose.
  • If your child gets up during the night, make sure to have a night light on for when they are using the stairs.
  • Make sure your child doesn’t swing or play on the ladders or steps.

Custom size mid-sleepers

If you have a unique-sized space or you are above average height, then you might need a custom-sized mid-sleeper. Bed Guru can create customised mattresses in bespoke sizes, be it wider r narrower, shorter, or longer, higher or lower than any other standard UK mattress size.

If you want to treat your child to a mid-sleeper, but the size isn’t quite right for them, please get in touch with the Bed Guru team and they will be sure to help you with your project!

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