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Bed Guru Mummy Bloggers’ #BedTimeGuru Tips

Some of our favourite mummy bloggers gave Bed Guru their top tips for ensuring the whole family gets a great night’s sleep...

6th April, 2016
by Carl Walsh

Here at Bed Guru we want to help you find the right bed and mattress. We want everyone to have a great night’s sleep. However, getting a great night’s sleep isn’t always just down to the bed you sleep on. Anyone with kids will understand that a night of deep sleep isn’t always possible.

We recently collaborated with some of our favourite mummy bloggers to find out their top tips for ensuring the whole family gets a great night’s sleep. We sent them a hamper full of things to help them have a relaxing night once the little ones were asleep.

Read on to find out their best tried-and-tested tips for getting youngsters off to sleep without a fuss. Expert help is at hand.

Like many of our bloggers, Lindsay at Newcastle Family Life understands how crucial a night time routine is for youngsters...

"I am a big fan of routine and both my little two have been in a bedtime routine since the day they came home from hospital. They have some quiet time watching TV, bath, get dressed for bed, story, milk and bed. They know every night what to expect and we were really lucky that getting our children to sleep each night has been easy."

Lindsay, a proud Geordie mum of three, including two young toddlers. Her blog explains that every child is different, and what gets some to sleep may not help others. So, unfortunately, its trial and error until something sticks for your little one. 

Leyla at This Day I Love shows her new born exactly how it's done...

"Pretending to fall asleep: My youngest will fall asleep if you pretend to fall asleep next to her.  I think the motion of her watching your eyes close really helps her to settle."

Congratulations on gorgeous baby number three from everyone here at Bed Guru, Leyla! While running her own freelance digital marketing company, she's successfully tucking her tiny family into bed each night – including her 5 and three year olds. 

When it comes to getting her children to sleep, Jenny at Monkey & Mouse is a safe pair of hands…

"Young toddlers may also enjoy a short massage, there are plenty of books and tutorials on the web that show you how to do this. This helps them relax and get a good night's sleep, giving you a much better sleep too."

Jenny’s little boys are certainly lucky! The Bat Ecologist mum of two toddlers, who describes herself as an ‘attachment parent’, has a slew of helpful tips for you to peruse. Everything from co-sleeping to writing to-do lists.

Joanna Victoria let’s her little fella listen to soothing sounds until he’s sound asleep…

"Blake loves having the music playing on his My Pal Scout to help him off to sleep. Once he has dropped off we sneak in and take it out so he don't roll on it and turn it on during the night."

Joanna is a strong believer in routine, and thinks the earlier you can get them settled into one, the better for the both of you. That’s why her 15 month old son Blake feels so safe and secure at bed time. Read the rest of her blog on helpful #BedTimeGuru tips on her blog.

Tanya at Cracked Nails & Split Ends doesn’t underestimate what a simple dose of love and affection can do at night…

"Cuddle time: Tuck in and kiss goodnight so she can go to bed feeling warm and content. Say goodnight: Summer likes to say goodnight to everyone, and she likes me to wish her 'sweet dreams'"

Tanya is another ‘routine ambassador’ – she’s seen how it creates a sense of security and self-discipline for your little one at a young age. She’s bringing up three lovely boys and a tiny granddaughter on the East Anglian coast, while blogging all about it.

Jenny over at The Brick Castle believes getting the kids to sleep longer is a science…

"If they're sleeping 3 hours every afternoon and don't want to go to bed at 7.30pm, is it really a surprise? Either cut back the daytime sleeping or have a later bedtime. If they get up at 5am every day and early mornings are not your thing, shift the routine by moving bedtime later"

Jenny isn’t one to leave a baby to cry, and she doesn’t claim to have cracked the secret to getting youngsters to drift off either. But with seven children in tow, who apparently sleep anywhere, she’s without a doubt a total expert in our eyes! We think she’s being modest. 

Looking after toddlers or older children? Rebecca at All About U has some advice for you…

"When they are older and are being silly, getting in and out of bed, I have found the best thing to do is to not talk to them. Just put them back into bed and leave the room. Keep repeating it and they get the message eventually. They want to get a reaction (or maybe just my kids), so if you don’t give them one, they just get on with going to sleep."

Rebecca knows only too well how important it is for parents to look after themselves as well as their children. Like a handy cheerleader, she encourages you to persevere and never to give up hope of a blissful night’s sleep. She blogs about four-year-old Max and baby Chloe from their Surrey home.

With any luck, our round-up of #BedTimeGuru advice will have your family sleeping soundly. But if they’ve out grown their old bed, perhaps it’s time to treat your little ones to a new dream machine? Browse our kids beds here.

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