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Do Ottoman Beds Come With Headboards?

Read our blog post on Do Ottoman Beds Come With Headboards? from Bed Guru the online sleep specialists.

23rd August, 2018
by Carl Walsh

Did you know that ottoman beds are one of the most popular types of bed? They roll practicality, versatility and comfort into one great, feature-rich bed, giving you additional storage, gorgeous good looks, and of course, a comfy place to sleep.

Their stylish design enables you to make your bed the focal point of your room. Having a chic headboard can make your bed look even better – and while many ottoman beds come complete with one already, it’s possible to replace it with a different one.

So, why have a headboard?

Having an ottoman bed with headboard doesn’t just enhance the aesthetics of your bed, it offers plenty of practical benefits, too.

Without a headboard, it’s all too easy for your pillows to slip down the gap between the wall and the mattress. It can also have an impact on your comfort, because you won’t have anything to lean your pillows against when you want to sit up. If you like to read or watch TV in bed, having a headboard gives you the support you need to do so in complete comfort. As an added bonus, it’ll help save your wall from marks and scratches.



What type of headboards are best for ottoman beds?

If you’re looking for a headboard for your ottoman bed, you’ll have all kinds of designs to choose from. You can take your pick from traditional or contemporary styles and minimal or decadent designs, to perfectly complement your bed frame and décor. They’re also available for single, double, queen, king and super king-size beds.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of your options.

  • Upholstered headboards

How about faux leather, patterned fabrics, or deep-buttoned headboards? Upholstered headboards promise to bring a touch of luxury to any bed frame. You’ll have different fabric styles, patterns and colours to choose from, so it’s easy to find one that suits you.

The sophisticated Allerton Upholstered Headboard is soft to the touch, with a beautiful vertical paneled design – and it’s free-standing for the ultimate convenience. Or indulge in the Bowcliffe Upholstered Headboard if you want to achieve a hotel-style look and feel. Explore the full range of upholstered headboards.

  • Metal headboards

Whether you want a flash of silver, classic black, antique brass, bronze or nickel, you can get the look you want with a metal headboard. Here at the Bed Guru, you’ll find 19 coloured metal options to choose from, and all kinds of designs to achieve the look you want.

Keep it simple with the black-nickel Clara Headboard, inspired by traditional Victorian design – complete with crystal-effect finials on the top of the bed posts to bring it right up to date. Or upgrade to the distinguished Edmond Headboard, with a timeless, antique brass finish.
Looking for a metal headboard for your child’s bed? The Penny Headboard could be just the ticket (it’s available in pink or white). The sporty Soccer Headboard is sure to be a big hit with football fans.

Explore the full range of metal headboards.

  • Wooden headboards

If you want a traditional finish for your ottoman bed, a wooden headboard could be the way to go. Our collection includes antique pine headboards, as well as oak and beech options. Most come in a timeless, natural wood finish. But if you’d prefer a white-wood finish, the Autumn Headboard is available in opal white.

The Thornton Oak Headboard features a striking design, combining sharp lines with a subtle curve in the top rail. If you want a more intricate design, the beautiful Maiden Oak Headboard could be the one for you – it features a handcrafted crossover design, which promises to transform any bed frame into a stylish piece of furniture.

If you want to add a wooden headboard to your little one’s bed, we also have headboards engraved with teddy bears and footballs, which your little ones will love.

Explore the full range of wooden headboards, or call us and find out what else is on offer when you’re looking for headboards for your ottoman bed.

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