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Bed Guru Sleep Anywhere Tips

Bed Guru tips to help you sleep anywhere. A good night's sleep when your travelling or away from home is just as important as when you're at home.

4th November, 2015
by Carl Walsh

A good night’s sleep is as important when you’re away from home as it is when you’re tucked up in the comfort of your own bed. Sleeping on the go can be incredibly difficult, and you can find yourself deprived of sleep very quickly. Whether that be from jet lag, or adapting to your new surroundings. You can find yourself using your suitcase as a pillow and anywhere and everywhere is your new bed. 

Some of you may know that last month we asked a few of our blogging friends what their top tips were for making the most of sleeping on the go. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages to find out exactly what they had to say…

For now, though, we’ve put together this rather handy infographic to make sure that you never get caught short when trying to catch that all-important shut-eye.

Sleep anywhere tips

With airports, if it’s quiet and you’re staying for a while, the best way to catch some sleep is to find a padded or recliner chair. This gives you the ability to lean back, stretch out a bit and relax. If the airport is busy and seats are at a premium, then we suggest finding a window ledge. Just make sure the window isn’t open! 

When booking the seats for your long flight, make sure to book the perfect position. If you're tall then you're the best in the aisle seats, preferably near the front so you can recline in your chair. If legroom isn’t an issue but you’re sensitive to noise, then the best thing to do is to grab yourself a window seat.

There are some things that can ensure you get a comfy night’s sleep. Things like a travel pillow support your head/neck and allow a comfortable sleep just about anywhere. Eye masks and earbuds allow you to zone out of your environment and help you get that peace and quiet you need.

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