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Bed Guru Press Release For Immediate Distribution

Do you know the benefits of sleeping like a dog? Bed Guru's groundbreaking research may well surprise you...

31st March, 2016
by Carl Walsh

On-going studies conducted by the IHSS (Institute of Human Sleep Science), in collaboration with a number of leading think-tanks exploring the best sleeping conditions for the human body, have concluded that typical sleeping positions are responsible for a number of known health and mobility issues. These include arthritis, bad posture and other health issues traditionally linked with old age.

Many of the studies carried out compared the sleeping behaviour of a number of animals with humans. Consistently, it was the traits shared by the canine subjects that resulted in the most efficient sleeping habits.

The following extract taken from The Journal of Anatomical Bioscience outlines some of these findings:

Sleep posture

With this breakthrough in the understanding of our detrimental evolutionary sleeping habits, it is the responsibility of Bed Guru to make the necessary recommendations and promote the uptake of sleeping like a dog for the general public.

As a leading online bed and mattress retailer, Bed Guru would like to take this opportunity to make a formal apology for any inaccurate or incorrect information distributed regarding best practice sleep positions before these findings came to light.

In order to help Bed Guru verify the research before being published, we enrolled a volunteer to trial a range of sleeping positions derived from our canine counterparts. This was his experience.

Carl Walsh, owner of Bed Guru said in a statement:

“This is a really exciting time not just for us, but for our understanding of human sleep behaviour as a species. Everything we thought we knew has been turned on its head, and we’re delighted to be at the forefront of delivering these findings to the public”

 He later added:

“We hope that this is just the beginning in terms of improving our relationships with animals and bettering our understanding of their behaviours. Work is already well-underway to develop products with sleeping like a dog in mind”

Final Note

Bed Guru would politely ask that this information is shared among your peers in order to speed up the transitional process towards sleeping like a dog.


Notes to editors.

About Bed Guru

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