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Things To Consider When Buying a New Mattress

Read our blog post on Things To Consider When Buying a New Mattress from Bed Guru the online sleep specialists.

1st March, 2018
by Carl Walsh

You’ve heeded the advice about changing your mattress every eight years, and it’s time to hit the shops or go online and find a new one. But which one? The sheer variety of mattresses available today is mind-boggling – from traditional sprung pockets to space-age memory foam and all points in between. Do you prefer a firm mattress, or snuggling down into a soft one? There’s plenty to think about before you part with your cash, so here are a few things to remember before you make your final decision.

How do you sleep?

This may sound like an odd question, but your sleeping position can dictate what kind of mattress will provide you with the greatest degree of both comfort and support. Do you sleep on your side? (Most people do.) Or do you prefer to be flat on your back, or on your stomach? If you’re a side-sleeper then you run the risk of developing pressure-point aches and pains along your body, particularly at the major joints such as the hips, shoulders, and neck. The aim is to adopt a position where no strain or pressure is put on these key contact points. In this instance, a memory foam mattress may be your best option, as it will adapt to the contour of your body and provide support where you need it.


Are you a wriggler or a log?!

How restless are you when you sleep? If you tend to spend all night tossing and turning then it could be a sign that your mattress isn’t giving you the support you need for a peaceful night’s sleep. However, some people are simply naturally wriggly sleepers, constantly changing position throughout the night. Try cooling your bedroom down a degree or two, as an overly-warm room can also cause restless sleep. If that doesn’t work then look at mattresses that use air cushion technology so that they not only support you and your night-time thrashings but also protect your partner from being disturbed by your restlessness.

If you’re a ‘log’ (you sleep in a rigid position on your back), then you’ll need a mattress and pillow combination that supports your head, neck and shoulders.

Sports mattresses

Whether you’re a marathoner or a tri-athlete, a swimmer or a cyclist, a good night’s sleep makes all the difference to your performance. Sports mattresses are designed with more active people in mind, offering air-sprung and memory foam technology to give you the best night’s sleep possible. They’re a little more expensive, but well worth the investment if you’re serious about your sport.

Sharing your mattress with your other half

If you sleep with a partner then you need to take into consideration not just your needs, but theirs too. So make sure you get a mattress that feels comfortable for both of you such as the couple's mattress that has the ability to cater to two different sleeping preferences!


If you suffer from allergies (especially if you have respiratory issues such as allergy-triggered asthma), then you’ll need a mattress that is specially designed to be allergen-free. If an allergen-free mattress is out of your price-range then consider getting an allergy cover for your mattress as a more cost-effective option.

Some new designs include latex, which provides additional cushioning and support. However, if you have a latex allergy then it is best to avoid these types of mattresses and stick with a more traditional type.

Back problems

Orthopaedic mattresses are naturally firmer to provide better support for people with back problems. However, choosing a mattress that is too firm can aggravate back problems, especially lower-back issues. So by all means pick a firm mattress if that’s what you prefer, but be sure that it’s suitable for your condition before you invest.

What’s your budget?

A good quality mattress is an investment that, if you choose wisely, should last you at least five to eight years. However, they can be expensive so the best option is to go online and see what’s available within your price range. You may be surprised as to what you can afford, as premium quality mattresses such as memory foam are becoming more affordable.

One last tip…

Make sure you measure your bed before ordering your new mattress so that you get the right size!


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