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What Are The Benefits Of A Natural Mattress?

In a world filled with synthetics, man-made fibres and polywhatsits, going ‘au naturale’ can be a great idea for some. Read more about the benefits of organic mattresses here.

27th December, 2018
by Carl Walsh

In a world filled with synthetics, man-made fibres and polywhatsits, going ‘au naturale’ can be a great idea for some, especially if you want to minimise your use of petrochemical and plastic-based products. Natural mattresses tick all the boxes: they’re made from natural, sustainable fibres, they’re processed organically and don’t contain any harsh chemicals or dyes, and most are produced in an environmentally friendly way. Depending on the type of mattress, you may even get a certificate of authenticity with it to confirm that it only uses natural fibres. Natural mattresses can be a wonderful choice if you want to live – and sleep – in harmony with the environment.

Why pick a natural mattress?

One of the biggest bonuses of choosing a natural mattress is that they can be ideal for people who suffer from certain allergies. The use of flame-retardant chemicals on non-organic mattresses has been linked to various health issues, especially those that use polybrominated diphenyl ethers or PBDEs.

Natural mattresses use silicon dioxide as a flame retardant, a naturally-occurring chemical that has no known side effects. You’ll even find some manufacturers use thistledown and wool to ensure their mattresses are both fully compliant and safe, and as natural as possible.

What about latex?

There are two types of latex, natural and man-made. Natural latex comes from rubber trees, whereas man-made or synthetic latex is created using a chemical process. The two feel, look, and even smell quite similar, but generally a natural mattress will only use naturally-produced latex.

Keep in mind that even if it is natural rubber or latex, there are still some people who have an allergy to this product. If you are allergic to latex then it’s important to double check what products have been used in your mattress before you buy it to avoid having a reaction.

Plants in bedroom

A world of wonderful fibres

There are some wonderful mattress variations out there that can not only help you avoid any fibres that you may be sensitive to but could make a natural mattress a lot more affordable too.

Modern natural fibres now being used in the construction of mattresses include bamboo fibres, alpaca wool (which is particularly good for those are sensitive to sheep or lamb’s wool), and mohair, which gives your mattress a dreamy-soft and luxurious feel. These natural fibres all breathe and have natural antibacterial properties, making them a great choice for any natural mattress.

How long do natural mattresses last?

Natural mattresses can last just as long as a conventional mattress which is on average 8 years. Natural mattresses can also incorporate the same type of designs and construction techniques as any other standard mattress. You can get natural mattresses that are pocket-sprung, and even those that incorporate memory foam into their construction (although these cannot be classed as 100% ‘natural’ as such). You can use mattress toppers on natural mattresses in exactly the same way you do with ordinary mattresses. Put simply, you can spend the same amount of money on a natural mattress as you would a man-made fibre version.

Where can I get a natural mattress?

At Bed Guru, we’ve developed a whole range of natural mattresses that are certified, tested, and represent real value for money. They offer the same level of support and comfort as our man-made fibre mattresses, from firm to soft. If you’ve never bought a natural mattress before and want to know more, simply have a look through our selection, or talk to one of our experts who will be happy to tell you all about them. When you’re ready to replace your old mattress, why not try a natural one this time?

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