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The Benefits of Sleeping Naked

Supposedly, Marilyn Monroe wore nothing but Chanel No.5 to bed and it seems she was onto a good thing for these very reasons...

1st February, 2017
by Carl Walsh

Supposedly, Marilyn Monroe wore nothing but Chanel No.5 to bed and it seems she was onto a good thing….

From strengthening your relationships and burning calories to keeping wrinkles at bay, they say sleeping in the buff, as nature intended, has its benefits. But will anything convince you to wear nothing between the sheets? It’s not for everyone.

1. You’ll sleep deeper

Forgetful or tired? You need deep sleep, which you could get more of when you sleep in the nude. Without warm PJs, your body temperature cools and keeps you asleep for longer without waking you in the night.

2. Your relationship could be happier

According to a survey of over 1,000 Brits, 57% of naked sleepers were happy with their partner compared to 48% of pyjama clad lovers. Skin-on-skin contact not only strengthens your emotional bond and trust, but scientists say that it boosts the level of oxytocin in your brain – less romantic, sure, but that lowers your blood pressure and anxiety. Oh, and it boosts the immune system. So wear your heart on your sleeve, but no pyjamas in bed.

3. You’ll feel liberated!

Who knows, sleeping au natural could boost your confidence – so what are you waiting for? Let your skin breathe tonight, say ‘no’ to elastic waistlines and never wake up in a sweat or a tangle again.

4. Guys, well, it helps your little guys

Let’s just say it how it is. Men who sleep without boxer shorts had a 25% lower rate of damaged DNA in their sperm compared to dudes who slept clothed – so if you’re hoping to become a father, consider changing your bedtime habits. Ladies will feel fresher too, because ultimately, your skin is allowed to breathe which lowers the risk of athlete’s foot, for example.

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5. You’ll stop time wasting

Okay, so sleeping in the buff may only save you a few minutes a day, but they all add up, right. You won’t slob around in PJs if you’re not wearing any! Plus, you’ll rush to get dressed when you wake up in winter. 

6. You might lose weight

When you sleep in your birthday suit, your metabolism speeds up to keep you warm – burning calories. Sleep naked under thin sheets for maximum effect, but don’t give up on the gym just yet. 

7. You could look young for longer

Sounds far-fetched, doesn’t it? When your bed is too hot and your body can’t cool down, you’ll produce less melatonin (anti-aging hormone) – which is where sleeping in the nude comes in. PJs or preventing the degeneration of cells? Your call.

8. Your Bed Guru sheets will feel softer than you ever imagined

If you’re going to sleep naked, at least lay on super soft Bed Guru sheets for pure indulgence – they have a thread count up to 1000 Egyptian cotton and Percale. Plus, every fibre was combed before weaving to make them delicate. Fuss-free elastic keeps them in place on your mattress. 

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