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The best king size beds for small rooms

Can you cram a king size bed into a small room? If you’re clever about how you arrange your space, then absolutely!

9th November, 2017
by Carl Walsh

Can you cram a king size bed into a small room? If you’re clever about how you arrange your space, then absolutely! As long as there’s enough room to move around the entire bed, and the door doesn’t bang up against the corner of the frame, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make the most of the space you have, without compromising on comfort.

What to consider

When you’re trying to work out how that king size bed will fit into a small space, there are several points you need to remember. There are practical considerations such as storage, free floor space and clear entrances to think about.

And there are also those less tangible aspects of a small room to take into consideration, like avoiding clutter or that oppressive, claustrophobic sensation an overstuffed small room can have.

Colour schemes and lighting

Darker colour schemes or overly fussy decorative features will make a room feel smaller than it actually is. Even something as simple as a hanging light fitting can make the ceiling appear lower, while dark paint will give the impression that those walls are closing in.

 King size bed

So recess your lights into the ceiling and keep the paint light, bright and airy. Use mirrors to give the illusion of a much larger space, and keep windows clutter-free. All of this immediately creates a more spacious feeling, even if the spare room is nothing more than a glorified cupboard!

You’ve been framed

The type of frame you choose for your king size bed depends on your personal taste, whether you’re going for a contemporary or retro look, and whether you want some all-important under-bed storage space.

A light, open metal frame will look great and keep the sense of space in a small room, but you may find your storage options are limited. A divan frame is bulky and can reduce your overall floor space, but gives you more storage space. Metal frames are often easier to disassemble too, so the practicalities of getting your bed in and out of the room if you need to are much simpler.

Speaking of storage spaces…

In a small room with a king size bed, there won’t be much room for knick-knacks. Unless you have the luxury of fitted wardrobes then you’re going to have to try and avoid free-standing wardrobes and dressers so that you keep that sense of openness.

Side opening storage bed

This is where an Ottoman bed can really come into its own. Modern Ottomans have an enormous amount of storage space tucked away underneath the mattress, making them a smart choice for space-poor rooms. Rather than picking an Ottoman with drawers, which will again reduce the amount of floor space available, go for a divan bed with a side-opening system.

This means you won’t have to leave extra space around the bed to access the drawers, and you’ll still have plenty of storage space tucked away under the bed.

How big is king size?

It’s a term often used in furniture stores, but just how big is a king size bed? The size will depend on whether your bed is a UK or EU standard.

A UK standard king size bed is 5ft x 6ft 6” (150cm x 200cm), and a UK Super King is 6ft x 6ft 6” (180cm x 200cm). An EU king size bed comes in one size: 5ft 3” x 6ft 6” (160cm x 200cm) so is slightly narrower than a UK Super king size, but wider by 3” than a standard king size bed. This may be your best option if space is tight but you still want that extra couple of inches for complete comfort.

Special sizes

If your room is a very strange shape or has odd dimensions then you can also get specially made beds such as short king size beds that chop off a few inches in length (5ft x 6ft). If you have a little extra space then go for a short Super King at 6ft x 6ft 3”.

And remember, no matter how big or small your room, you still have to get it into the room first. Make sure you measure up carefully before you try and get that divan frame or Ottoman through the door!

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