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Ask The Guru Queen Size Bed Dimensions

Queen sized beds don't exist... in the UK anyway. Confused? Let's get the Guru to answer all your questions about it.

26th August, 2015
by Carl Walsh

This week it’s time for another question in our Ask The Guru series. We take some of our most frequently asked questions and answer them for you. If you have a question of your own please get in touch, head over to our Facebook or Twitter and leave your questions with #AskTheGuru or you can give us a call and we would be happy to answer any of your questions and advise you when it comes to our products and sizing, we even create bespoke Special Size beds!

So on to this week’s question….

What size is a Queen Size Bed?

I’d have to say that we are asked several times a week for the dimensions of a Queen Size bed and I always give the same answer, there isn’t a queen size bed in the UK!


Some companies are now starting to rename bed sizes as Queen as the search term is just so popular. So why isn’t there such a thing as Queen Size bed dimensions?

Have you ever visited a stately home with ancient four poster beds and thought what a small bed that is? Years ago we never had very large beds in the UK, big enough for one or two people, but as styles and room sizes got bigger a larger size was needed and a bed bigger than a double was soon called a King Size bed. As even larger sizes became more popular there was then the invention of the Super King.

Then with the advent of travel and imports to the US we discovered the name Queen Size bed. As the US has even bigger beds than ours they had room for another name and an extra size. They moved them all up a size from ours and the nearest Queen Size bed dimension equivalent in the UK is actually our King.

In my opinion, ignore the Queen Size bed dimension and stick to King Size and don’t forget to buy the correct size bedding. By all means call us for advice and you may like to have a look at our range of King Size or Super King Size beds. A UK King Size bed is 150cm by 200 cm and a Super King Size bed is 180cm by 200cm.

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