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Ask the Guru - Rolled Mattresses

Worried about getting your new mattress up the stairs? Don't be, Bed Guru have an effortless solution...

6th July, 2016
by Carl Walsh

We’re on a roll! Quite literally.

You know how we’re forever exploring new avenues to enhance the quality of your sleep?

Well, rolled mattresses are the latest addition to our extensive product range, which was also expanded with organic mattresses very recently. And we can’t wait to tell you all about them.

So this week’s Ask The Guru question is in their honour, with the aim of getting the two of you better acquainted.

What is a rolled mattress?

Rolled mattress

These sumptuous, UK-made mattresses are specifically designed to be machine compressed to approximately a quarter of their original size. They’re rolled, then packed into a neat bundle, all in the name of convenience.

The convenient shape makes them much easier to transport and manoeuvre. If you have a narrow staircase or tight entrance space then a rolled mattress is much easier to get in than a traditional mattress. 

Don’t panic. The rolling process doesn’t cause any lasting side effects or long-term damage to your new mattress. Our Bed Guru rolled mattresses also rival our non-rolled mattresses in terms of quality and comfort.

In fact, rolled up mattresses are better protected during transit, due to their smaller surface area. And on the topic of transport, you can opt to have complementary next day delivery when you order a Bed Guru rolled mattress before 11am Monday to Friday. Perfect for when guests drop by or you need a new quality mattress in a hurry!

You have a whole range of types of rolled up mattresses to choose between, especially since we’re upgrading some of our existing mattresses with rolled up versions that we’re sure you’ll love. There are bases of traditional coil or individual pocket springs, depending on your firmness preferences, and cushioning reflex foam.


You can have any of these upholstered in memory foam or man-made fibres. For a pristine, hypo-allergenic sleeping surface for the allergy sufferers amongst you, opt for the highly supportive latex option instead, made of rubber trees’ natural sap. Or else consider the extra-soft gel memory foam alternative, designed to regulate temperature, humidity, and your body’s sleep position.

Once unpacked, your rolled up mattress will slowly expand and spring back into a flat position on your bed base or bed frame as though nothing has happened. The foam decompresses and softens with time.

If you have a question of your own please get in touch, head over to our Facebook or Twitter and leave your questions with #AskTheGuru

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