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Ask The Guru Part One

At Bed Guru we don’t shy away from awkward or tricky sized spaces, we specialise in them. Need a short bed? Read this

29th July, 2015

Today we wanted to introduce you to a new feature here on the Goodnight Guru called ‘Ask the Guru’! We will be taking some of your most popular questions and getting our very own Bed Guru to answer them.

Here at the Bed Guru we don’t shy away from awkward or tricky sized spaces, we always do our very best to help you get the product you want in your space.

From turreted castles on the banks of Loch Ness to blacksmiths forges we’ve had plenty of experience in getting beds and mattresses into the most unusual of spaces. We go out of our way to help you get the product you want even devising one off designs to fit in unusual spaces.

You might not know that we specialise in bespoke and special size beds and mattresses which is a topic where the first in our Ask The Guru series begins...


Can I buy a shorter length double bed?


Don’t worry; you aren’t on your own if a UK standard double bed size (4ft 6 inch wide and 6ft 3 inch) won’t fit in the space you have. You might want a smaller double bed for a box room or guest bedroom. Or if you have a problem radiator which is in the way, or perhaps wardrobes at the foot of the bed all of these are common reasons for needing a shorter length double bed.

Whatever the reason for a short length double bed we can help.

We have, made-to-measure beds that are standard double width and shorter than double lengths 4ft 6 inch wide and 6ft long or 4ft 6 inch wide and 5ft 9 inch long. Please note that most sprung mattresses can be made 6ft long which is 182.4cm and not exactly 180cm. But here at Bed Guru we can build non sprung mattresses and beds that are 180cm long. Our non sprung mattresses can be made to exact measurements. A sprung mattress is 6ft 3 long or 6ft or 5ft 9 etc. because of the springs.

Sprung mattresses are built using 3 inch diameter springs and if you join 18 x 25 rows together then you have a standard double size bed.  We can remove rows of springs so that you can have a shorter than standard length double bed!

Our shorter length double beds are 135cm by 180cm or 4ft 6 by 6ft for you imperial measurement fans.

You can read more about what Special Sizes we sell over on our Size Guide including our EU size doubles.

If you want have a question or tricky sized space for the Guru then send your question to us with #AskTheGuru on Facebook, Twitter and you could be featured on Ask The Guru!

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