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Sleeping Positions and your Relationship

Couples that sleep together, stay together. Discover what your sleeping position says about your relationship here...

10th April, 2020
by Carl Walsh

During the lockdown, we’re likely to be spending far more time with your other halves if you’re lucky enough to be locked down together. 

Ever got into an argument about what mattress to buy? Couldn't agree on the firmness? Our range of mattresses could solve all of your mattress dilemmas, helping you find the perfect solution to your sleep issues. Whether it’s a pocket sprung mattress that stops you rolling together in the middle or a natural mattress for the eco-lovers, there’s something for everyone.

So once you've got your mattress sorted has it ever crossed your mind what the position you sleep in could expose about your relationship?

Whether you’re attracted like magnets or prefer to take full advantage of your own space, our unconscious decisions in the bedroom might say more about our relationships than we think!

Have a look at some of the most popular sleeping positions below, you never know what you might find out!

The Classic Spoon

Perhaps the most recognised romantic embrace, the classic spoon is the position of choice for relationships new and old. Dead arms and mouthfuls of hair aside, spooning is a reassuring sign of mutual trust and protection. Be aware though, the spoon can also be a short-lived novelty for new and blossoming relationships, so proceed with caution.

The classic spoon sleep position

The Starfish

Sprawling across the bed and not giving a second thought as to the comfort of your partner is unsurprisingly pretty selfish. Enjoying our own space every now and again is perfectly normal behaviour, especially if the bedroom is warm! But regular neglect of your partner and their quality of sleep could be a sign of imbalance in the relationship.

 the starfish sleeping position


At first glance it’s easy to believe that back to back sleeping spells bad news. In reality, it’s just a different take on spooning that allows both parties to get a decent night’s sleep! Around a quarter of British couples favour the position for striking a nice balance between comfort and intimacy.

 back to back sleeping position

The Logs

Not winning any awards for intimacy, sleeping side by side is the default position for many couples. Despite preconceptions that it only happens once the spark has died out, some psychologists agree that it demonstrates a relationship that is actually very secure. It indicates trust, independence and fairness, making it the most popular sleeping position.

 the logs sleeping position

The Magnets

A sure-fire way of distinguishing the early stages of a relationship, the magnet involves being quite literally too close for comfort. It is essentially a mash up of limbs in an effort to be as close to the other person as possible. Unlatching only takes place when one person discovers that getting a decent night’s sleep in this position is almost impossible. It also turns out that being too dependent on each other can be damaging in the long run!

 the magnets sleeping position

Top ‘N’ Tail

Unless you love your partners feet more than their face, top ‘n’ tailing as you can probably guess, suggests an unhealthy time in the relationship. It’s the closest thing to sleeping in separate beds entirely, which can only spell uncertainty. With that said, if you’re sleeping top ‘n’ tail, chances are you are already well aware of the current state of your relationship and should seek to resolve it!

 top & tail sleeping position

The unfortunate reality of relationships is that it’s not always going to be plain sailing. Sometimes, sleep simply doesn’t want to happen, and it would be unfair to always shift the blame onto your other half.

Nobody should have to compromise on sleep which is why we’ve taken a look at some of the best mattresses for couples in one of our latest blogs!

Take a look and find out which mattress is best for you both. It’s important to have compromise as this ensures both parties get a happy night’s sleep. 

With a mattress that suits you both, you have a stronger chance of staying (and sleeping) together long after the lockdown!

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