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What Is A Zip & Link Bed?

A zip and link bed is a bed that can be converted from one bed into two, and vice versa. Learn more from Bed Guru the sleep specialists.

21st November, 2018
by Carl Walsh

A zip and link bed is a bed that can be converted from one bed into two, and vice versa. You can choose to set up the bed and mattress as a king-size (or super king-size) bed – and then, when unzipped and separated, you’ll have two individual beds and mattresses, which are usually single.

Zip and link beds are divan beds with a linked mattress on top. They’re discretely linked at the head and foot of the divan bed itself, usually with secure metal or brass links. The mattress is also joined together along the full length with a robust zipped seam. This enables quick and simple conversion from one bed to two.

Why choose a zip and link bed?

This flexibility and versatility makes them a popular choice for hoteliers and landlords. From one bed and one mattress, they can create two different sleeping set-ups – so, you can easily switch between having two single beds and one large bed in the same room depending on your guests’ needs.

What are the benefits of a zip and link bed?

1. Individual mattress support

Part of the beauty of a zip and link bed is that you can use it as one larger bed or two single beds. Even when the mattresses are joined, they’re still two separate mattresses – so they always provide the same level of support of a single mattress, even if you’re sharing a bed. This makes a zip and link bed a great choice for sleeping partners who don’t share the same comfort preferences.  

2. Simple installation

In places where access is difficult – like hotels with narrow corridors and many different floors, zip and link beds can provide much simpler to install than other, more cumbersome bed types.  In addition, the ability to handle two single sections of the bed (rather than one large unit) means you don’t need to carry so much weight at once.

3. Versatile sleeping solution

Zip and link beds can make a versatile and cost-effective solution, if you have a room where capacity can change. You can switch between two single beds to create a twin-room set-up and a double or king-size room set-up with one large bed. The choice is yours.

Can you feel the zip when you’re sleeping?

Zip and link mattresses are designed with sleeping comfort in mind. For this reason, the zips are attached to the sides of the mattress, just underneath the edge, so your guests won’t have to sleep on top of them.

That said, when the two mattresses are joined together, you may notice the seam slightly when you lie down. This is because the mattress isn’t one, single mattress surface. If you feel this may be a problem for you or your guests then you could add a mattress topper to solve the issue.

Can I attach a headboard?

If you wish, you can attach a regular headboard to a zip and link bed. Just bear in mind that if you have one large headboard only, you’ll need to remove this before you can separate the bed into two singles. This is why many buyers prefer to buy two single headboards, to ensure each half has its own headboard when you divide the bed.

Where can I buy a zip and link bed?

Bed Guru offers a wide range of zip and link mattresses and beds, with various styles available at affordable prices. And remember, UK and international shipping are available. Wherever you are, we are here to help.   

If you’d like to learn more about our zip and link beds and mattresses, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team. We’re here to talk you through your options and help you find the perfect fit for you and your guests.

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