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Ask the Guru: What is an Ottoman Bed?

A divan Ottoman bed should come top of your list when you want to declutter your room with a storage bed, but what is it?

2nd August, 2017
by Carl Walsh

Not sure what an Ottoman bed is? It's time you found out, let us explain...

A divan Ottoman bed should come top of your list when you want to declutter your room with a storage bed and keep your bed linen or winter wardrobe out of sight and out of mind – even if your bedroom is too narrow for you to pull drawers out from under your bed. See, the top of any Ottoman storage bed lifts up fully, so all that really matters is how high your ceiling is. Simply lift your mattress up, effortlessly, to reveal a generous space of under bed storage inside your Ottoman bed frame and fill it as you fancy. 

Is a divan Ottoman bed heavy to open?

Here’s the clever part, pneumatic gas pistons do all the heavy lifting for you – helping you lift the top of your Ottoman bed, with the heavy mattress on it, and keeping it in place when it’s fully open, so you can get on with organising the clutter with both hands. When you’re finished, they’ll help you shut, not slam, your bed Ottoman slowly. Our Bed Guru Ottoman beds have various pistons, depending on the size of the frame and the type of storage, from 600 Newton gas pistons supporting up to 45kg to 800 Newton gas pistons.

Why are Ottoman beds so popular?

ottoman storage bed

There’s no better way to maximise storage space in your bedroom, than with an Ottoman bed that gives you a secret storage area, unbeknownst to your family or guests.

1. Store heavier objects beneath your mattress

There’s only so much weight a divan drawer can take, but the bottom of your Ottoman bed is supported by your bedroom floor, so it can take more punishment – creating an ideal space for dumbbells or books, alongside your winter clothes and spare bed linen.

2. Secret storage spaces are more secure

Holiday with peace of mind, knowing you’ve stored your valuables in your fabric Ottoman bed, where they’re less likely to be discovered.

3. You’ll never get covered in dust bunnies

Getting on your hands and knees to crawl under your bed is neither a dignified nor convenient way to retrieve your belongings, especially given this alternative – lift the top of your Ottoman bed frame and reach inside.

4. Have it upholstered in your choice of fabric

Of our 15 types of Ottoman beds, all but one solid rubber wood frame can be upholstered in your choice of fabric, giving you the chance to match it to your décor and existing bedroom furniture. Browse the collection to check out your options for each fabric Ottoman bed.

And if your Ottoman bed frame isn’t already topped and tailed with a headboard and footboard, you can crown it with a separate headboard to complete the look and create a traditional focal point for your bedroom. Take your pick, whether you prefer sumptuous deep buttoned headboards or contemporary cube designs on your tall, medium or low headboard.

5. Chose how your ottoman opens

Ottoman bed frames come three ways, before ordering yours, measure the width and the height of your bedroom – checking there’s enough room to lift your mattress fully.

  • Option 1

The top of your Ottoman bed is hinged from the side, raising your mattress on its side, when the storage space is opened.

  • Option 2

ottoman storage bed

The top of your Ottoman bed is hinged from the headboard, raising the foot of your mattress to the ceiling, when you open the storage space.

  • Option 3

Unlike the previous two, which open fully, here, the top of your Ottoman bed is hinged in the middle of your mattress, opening only half way – more ideal for slanting ceilings. Want more? Install drawers in the unopened half, to maximise storage in the head section.

The Bed Guru Ottoman Bed Collection

No matter your mattress, any of our Ottoman bed bases will compliment it, in actual fact, many frames have a sprung slatted base that’s naturally bouncy, keeping you comfortable on your mattress by adjusting to where the pressure is strongest.

Meanwhile, the majority of our Ottoman beds stand on raided gliders that give your bed a floating effect. Alternatively, other ottomans stand on low feet, in a fully upholstered surround, with a layer of fabric touching the floor or on a choice of four timber legs – in mahogany or ebony, walnut or natural finishes.

Browse the collection, your ottoman beds are ready to dispatch 5 to 14 working days after you order, depending on the product – with many flat packed for ease of delivery into your bedroom, taking one person just 90 minutes to put together.

Want more? Read everything worth knowing about divan bed bases, another hugely popular storage bed, to become a Bed Guru.

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