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Ask the Guru The Best Underbed Storage

Bed Guru explain exactly how to escape dust bunnies forever while turning your box room into something of a Tardis...

17th February, 2016
by Carl Walsh

We’re happy for you to pick our brains here at Bed Guru, so if there’s a question on the tip of your tongue, feel free to #AskTheGuru on Twitter or Facebook. This week, we’re tackling a popular problem that we’ve all come across no matter the size of your bedroom…

I want to store things under my bed, what’s the best underbed storage?


Well done if you’ve remembered this handy pocket of space under your bed! Your bedroom will certainly seem bigger for using it. Here at Bed Guru, we’ve got a wide range of storage beds that can turn even the smallest room into something of a Tardis. You don’t have to crawl through the dust bunnies to get to your belongings with underbed storage. It’s easy to stay organised.

Underbed storage is the perfect place to keep any spare bedding or larger items like towels and clothes you might not need all year round.

Our smaller length beds are built to order with a variety of storage options including sliding drawers, a side jumbo drawer and Ottoman lifting. We can help you maximise your space no matter where your bed is positioned.

The Firm Top Premium Divian Base, made from quality sourced timber, is one of the most flexible beds in our range. You have your pick of options, between two and four drawers, or even an Ottoman base instead if you prefer.

If you have the bed to yourself and you don’t have to compete with anyone else for storage, why not opt for a single, jumbo drawer? You’ll find one in our Firm Top Deluxe Divian Base. While couples can have a pair of drawers each with our stylish Anzio Bed Frame

If you’ve got a narrow bedroom, or plenty of bedroom furniture, consider an Ottoman Bed. You’d never guess from looking at it, but you can store your belongings neatly underneath your mattress which lifts up easily on gas pistons.

An ottoman bed gives you lots of storage options. Like the stylish Phoenix Wooden Ottoman bed frame

Not only can you decide whether your entire mattress should lift from the end or the side, but our half opening option is ideal if your cabinets or fitted wardrobe get in the way. To cover the base of the bed, and we have lots of stylish options to pick from such as faux leather, faux suede, and velvet fabrics in a host of colours for you to choose from. Just pick what best suits your décor and style.

To find out more about our Bed Guru storage beds, just give us a call and we’ll happily talk through your options. Or you can also use our friendly chat window at the bottom of the page.

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