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What sleeping positions say about your personality

Your sleeping positions can say a lot about your personality or current mood.

2nd October, 2020
by Carl Walsh

The three main sleeping positions include back, stomach and side, but really, the list is endless to the amount of sleeping positions that are out there.

Have you ever heard of the free falling or the flying bobs sleeping position? Well, now you have, and there are a lot more that you probably won’t have heard of.

Bed Guru has created a list that will take you through the well-known and slightly bizarre sleeping positions that if you use them, will tell you a lot about your personality.


37% of people around the globe are back sleepers. Sleeping on your back comes in many different forms (we will come round to this later), but the standard soldier position is the most well-known. This position seems quite uninteresting, but there are many personality traits that can be drawn from this simple sleep posture.

The sleepy soldier position lives up to its name, and people who sleep like this are likely to be the strong and focused type. They take themselves very seriously, they don’t joke around much and they love structure. They have high expectations of themselves and the people around them, they hate making mistakes and are perfectionists.

Something that isn’t so perfect about sleeping in this position though is the snoring! The sleeping soldier will leave you snoring into the night, this is because your tongue collapses to the back of the throat, leaving it to vibrate the night away.


Making up another 37% of people, stomach sleepers sleep on their stomach, with their head to the side with their arms wrapped around their pillow or down to the side. This kind of sleeper is known to be much more laid back than the sleep solider. They have much more playful personalities and are more accepting of change and spontaneity.

Something that isn’t so fun about sleeping in this position though is the likelihood of bad neck and back pain! This happens because when on your stomach with your hands wrapped around your pillow, you’re crunching the muscles in your back and neck. So, you’ll likely wake up a little stiff if you sleep in this position!


The side sleeper makes up 26% of people. This sleeper will sleep on their side, with one or both legs extended, and their arms wrapped around their pillow. This kind of sleeper is easy going and laid back, a little bit like the stomach sleeper, but less intense. Certified sleep science coach, Alex Savy, from Sleeping Ocean says that side sleepers are very trusting people, open minded and usually have lots of friends. However, this can often make them gullible, and open to being taken advantage of.

Luckily for side sleepers, there are limited negatives to this position. Apart from having your arm under the pillow, which could cause some numbness when you wake up, but will dissipate quite quickly.

Now we’ve covered the basic positions, here are some of the position adapted from the basic ones, these are little bit more unique, and you may have never heard of them!

The fetal position

This position is part of the side sleeping family. This fetal position is a popular one amongst sleepy heads, and its usually a sign that you are quite a vulnerable person, or someone who feels shy easily. Wayne Ross, Senior Researcher at InsideBedroom says it’s a great position if you want to feel comforted and protected, as it’s a position that can make you feel warm and snug. Therefore, if you are feeling in an anxious mood, this would be your go-to sleeping position.

The starfish position

Part of the back-sleeping family, the starfish is used by the most confident of people. When in this position, legs and arms are stretch right out the side, and you are likely to feel a little bit more exposed, but starfish sleepers don’t care. They are outgoing, love attention and they are likely to be the people you go to for advice.

The heron position

This position is a little bit unclear. But it is basically the position you end up in If you were to just flop on to your bed without a care and end up in a bit of a tangled floppy mess. These types of sleepers are known to be care-free and unpredictable. They don’t mind change and they just go with the flow.

The thinker position

This position is used by those who get lost in their thoughts a lot. These kinds of people are known to be quite sensitive and uptight. Or, this position signals that the person is going through quite a lot and is in deep with their emotions. Because they are sensitive, people around them might feel like they are stepping on eggshells, because they don’t want to upset them.

The yearner position

This kind of sleeper sleeps on their side with both arms stretched out in the front. These sleepers are known to be open-minded, complex and cynical. They are slow decision makers and influenced quite easily from other people with differing opinions.

So, do you sleep in any of the positions above, and have we hit the nail on the head with your personality traits?

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